Dining Out: Boston Burger Company (Part II)

With only three months left in the year (gasp!), I've been working hard to attack all of my remaining New Year's resolutions. Number six on my list of nine is: order a Freak Frappe at Boston Burger Company

I had been eyeing these treat towers for quite some time, and following along on Instagram as the restaurant would debut their new Freak Frappe special each month. I texted my twin cousins, we picked a date and started counting down. 

Because we're not total heathens, we decided to eat dinner first. We started with fried pickles. The Boston Burger Company version takes thin pickle slices, like the Vlasic Sandwich Stackers, and deep fries them. 

Boston Burger Company

They are served with a spicy mayo, the perfect compliment. 

Both cousins ordered the Boston burger, which comes with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese if you'd like it. 

Boston Burger Company

I've always found it strange that they serve their burgers with potato chips instead of French fries. They do offer a dozen varieties of loaded steak fries in the appetizer section, but they don't come with the burgers. 

I went with the bruschetta burger (with a veggie patty), which comes with provolone cheese, tomatoes, basil and is finished with pesto mayo.

Boston Burger Company

This is so filling! I've ordered it once more since this trip and smartly decided to eat it without the top bun. 

Now for the main event, the Freak Frappe! So many of the choices sounded great to us - the Oreo, the Nutella, the S'mores, the Churros - it was feeling impossible to select just one. Ultimately, we went with the Buttah Face, which was cookie butter ice cream, a ring of Reese's Pieces around the glass, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, a chocolate chip cookie dough Pop Tart and a Nutty Buddy. Yes, this is real life. 

Boston Burger Company

We were in complete awe when this landed on our table. After snapping way too many photos, we started to sip. 

We did eat all the garnishes, but sadly, only made it about half way down the frappe between the three of us. At the table behind us, all four people ordered their own frappes and we were sick to our stomachs at the thought. 

Fun fact: you can order the Freak Frappes to go. It's a slightly less dramatic presentation, but just as delicious. 

I had been looking forward to crossing this off the resolutions list, and this was definitely my most scrumptious adventure! 

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