Dining Out: The Rose

The breakfast / brunch game in Venice Beach is strong. On our third day in the neighborhood, we walked two blocks from our Airbnb to The Rose (on Rose Avenue). 

You can spot the cafe by its red umbrellas dotting the sidewalk out front. 

The Rose Venice

I'm obsessed with the mural and neon sign over the front door, which almost feels like it could be an entrance to a tattoo shop.

The Rose Venice

That same vibe continues as you move indoors.  

The Rose Venice

When we asked for a table for two, the hostess walked us through the dining room and out into this! A secret garden. 

The Rose Venice

You can't see this back patio from the street, so we had no idea it was there. It was lush and green, and wonderfully quiet. 

To begin, we each ordered a cold beverage, an ice mocha for my bestie, and a hibiscus ice tea for me. 

The Rose Venice

After the very first sip, she said, "This is so creamy! I can't taste any chocolate, though." My hibiscus tea was fantastic, and reminded me of the ice passion tea at Starbucks, which is my go-to there. 

As we looked over the breakfast menu, I couldn't help but notice the pastry section. This wasn't your typical list of muffins or scones. Every single item sounded amazing. Things like strawberry morning buns, coconut beignets, and s'mores donuts. 

There was one particular pastry that caught my eye and as soon as I read it, I knew I had to have it: the chocolate babka croissant. 

The Rose Venice

This tasted like a chocolate candy bar in pastry form. 

On the savory side, my friend decided to order the shakshuka, hoping for a better version than she'd had at The Butcher's Daughter. When it arrived, it was piled high with greens. 

The Rose Venice

A few forkfuls in, I asked, "So? How does it compare?" She replied, "There is really great flavor in the tomato broth. There are cubes of feta cheese in here, which is a really nice touch. I wish they had gluten-free bread so I could soak up the sauce! I'm grateful for the greens on top, because otherwise it wouldn't be filling. Though they did sneak some parsley into the arugula, which I am not a fan of!" 

I went with the huevos rancheros, which came with half an avocado on top! 

The Rose Venice

The tortillas were crispy, the beans had a great flavor, and the eggs were cooked perfectly. All that said, it was a small portion, so I was glad I'd eaten the croissant to start. Otherwise, I think I'd still be hungry. 

When our waitress brought the check, it was attached to a beautiful card.

The Rose Venice

When we flipped it over, we learned the chef is offering a cooking trip to Vietnam. So cool! 

The Rose Venice

As we walked out, I couldn't help but notice all of the people there with their laptops. If I lived in Venice, The Rose is definitely a place I would come to work or take meetings. And let's be honest, to eat more chocolate babka croissants. 


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