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You know who writes the absolute best books to read on vacation? Kevin Kwan. 

Kwan is the author of the wildly successful book series Crazy Rich Asians. In case you missed them, here is my review of the first book (and my review of the movie), as well as my review of book two, China Rich Girlfriend.

I read the third installment in the series, Rich People Problems, while on vacation at Baha Mar in the Bahamas. It's the perfect kind of pool or beach reading - light on the thinking, heavy on the gossip and drama. 

Rich People Problems

If you haven't read the books or seen the first movie, here's a quick primer: the story centers around Nick Young and Rachel Chu. Nick grew up in a very wealthy family in Singapore, and Rachel was raised by a single mother here in the United States. They meet in New York City, fall in love, and Nick's family protests everything about their relationship. 

In Rich People Problems, there are two main storylines: (1) Nick's grandmother is very sick, and the entire family is circling like vultures to see what they'll get in her will, and (2) Nick's cousin, Astrid Leong, finally gives in to her feelings for her college beau, Charlie Wu. 

I have become very invested in these characters, even more so knowing that each book will make its way to the big screen. There were plot twists where I would say out loud, "No!" or "I cannot believe this!" My travel buddy had already read the book (I was reading her copy, which she graciously loaned to me for the trip) and each time I'd freak out, she would giggle and warn, "Oh, just you wait!" 

The book has a wonderfully dramatic ending, that I cannot wait to see in the movie theater. Let's just say it involves a very steamy reunion, in very private, very luxurious, tropical place. 

Tell me, have you read the Crazy Rich Asians books? Did you see the first movie? 

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