Dining Out: Double Chin (Part II)

My dinner at Double Chin back in December was one of my favorite meals of 2018. I had been following the restaurant on Instagram for quite some time, @doublechinbos, and I was elated to finally make it there. 

As soon as I left after that first visit, I was already plotting when I could return. It look longer than I had hoped, but I made it back last week! In fact, I went with the same friend who came with me originally. 

We arrived around 7:00pm and were able to be seated right away. Our first order of business was drinks. On our previous visit, we got the Capri Sun cocktails (which are fabulous), but this time around we wanted to mix it up. We decided to go big and selected one of the large format drinks called the Mega Mojito. 

Boy was it mega!

Double Chin Boston

The menu suggested that this drink serves three people, but I'm going to say it would take at least four to sip all the way to the bottom. This drink is available in six flavors: original, lychee, mango, passion fruit, peach or strawberry. This is the mango. 

When it came time to decide on food, we read and re-read the menu several times before narrowing down our picks. There are so many unique and creative options! 

Our first dish was the kimchi fried rice. It came topped with a sunny side up egg.

Double Chin Boston

I have to say, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but this was one of my top dishes of the night. I couldn't stop eating it! 

Next up was the Poutine Your Mouth, which is waffle fries topped with kimchi and cheese. Now, I know what you are thinking - that sounds disgusting. Au contraire! 

Double Chin Boston

I don't think I will ever be able to go to Double Chin without ordering these fries. They're great as a side dish or an appetizer to share among friends. 

You know I love scallion pancakes, and I love them even more when they are used instead of bread. The tofu chinwich is a scallion pancake stuffed with tofu, slaw, cucumber, parsley and honey Hoisin sauce. 

Double Chin Boston

There is no neat way to bite into the chinwich, so maybe don't order it on a date. 

On final savory dish was the veggie spring rolls. We probably didn't need them, but when in Rome! 

Double Chin Boston

They had shells with a very satisfying crunch, and came with a dipping sauce that had a sweet apple flavor. 

At Double Chin, you always have to save room for dessert. During our December visit we had the chocolate mudslide shaved ice, but on this night our waitress let us know the shaved ice machine was out of order.

At first I was disappointed, but I quickly turned my frown upside down, realizing it meant we could try something totally different. 

Thought I am not usually a fan of fruit-flavored dessert, we went with the donut bomb, which is a custard-filled donut, topped with strawberry ice cream and garnished with a syringe of berry jelly. 

Double Chin Boston Double Chin Boston

The donut was so yummy - light, flaky and rich from the custard in the center, but I have to say, I still really hate strawberry ice cream. 

This second trip to Double Chin was just as memorable and gluttonous as the first! I'm obsessed with their menu, the fun names and presentations of each dish, and I really appreciate how kind their team is. We never felt rushed, but our waitress was always available if we had a question or were ready to move on to the next course. 

Have you been to Double Chin? Do you have a go-to dish? 


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