Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For The BFF

I am incredibly lucky to have a circle of friends who feel like family. They make me laugh so hard it hurts, remind me of crazy things we did 10+ years ago, cheer me on when I could use a push, let me scream when I'm at the end of my rope, and show up just when I need them the most. During the holidays, it brings me so much joy to celebrate them and make them feel special. 

Today's gift guide is all about the BFF. That ride or die person who has your back no matter what. 

Here in New England, holiday season also marks the time of year when below-freezing temperatures become the norm. Help your bestie stay toasty warm with these luxurious UGG gloves. I love this heather gray color, but they also come in beige, pink and burgundy. 

Gift Guide BFF

If your best pal also needs to text while wearing said gloves, not only does this set have touchscreen patches on the fingers, but it comes with three gloves, or as they call it on the website, "pair and a spare." I have to say, that is brilliant. 

Gift Guide BFF

In addition to the black and white color above, these also come in gray or a red and purple combo. 

What Netflix binge is complete without the perfect throw? In the month of December, a soft blanket is a must for an afternoon couch session. I'm loving this plaid one from Anthropologie

Gift Guide BFF

This next item is one I was originally skeptical about. Before using one, I kind of thought diffusers were BS. We started using one at the office and I was quickly converted. I am now a diffuser believer. In about 30 minutes, our office went from smelling like whatever was heated up in the microwave for lunch, to smelling like a spa. Give your bestie that same tranquility with this diffuser (that also has a built-in clock and speaker). 

Gift Guide BFF

I almost bought these mugs for myself, particularly the ones that say "Go-Getter" and "Woman on a Mission." Who doesn't like their morning coffee with an extra shot of empowerment? 

Gift Guide BFF

I found these glasses on Etsy and I'm a bit obsessed. The Etsy shop is called The Uncommon Green, and they sell drinking glasses with pages from classic books. Below are the Jane Eyre glasses and the Alice in Wonderland glasses

Gift Guide BFF

Gift Guide BFF

If you know your BFF's favorite book, grab her a set of these. 

For a girl who is always on the move, this Bando luggage tag is a fun one. Bonus - it's available on Amazon. 

Gift Guide BFF

Now, I have saved the best for last. This next item is for sale in Boston (and online) through the amazing shop in the South End called Olives & Grace. The store is run by Sofi Madison, who spends as much time celebrating the local community as she does hand picking each beautiful item in her space. If you aren't already following @olivesandgrace on Instagram, do that immediately. You'll be so glad you did. 

This notebook will provide some much needed levity for the single women in your life. I'm just going to let it speak for itself. 

Gift Guide BFF

Ha! It's just so good. 

With that mic drop, today's guide comes to a close. In case you missed it, also check out yesterday's guide, packed with ideas for what to bring to your holiday hosts and hostesses. 

*Home page image courtesy of Unsplash. All other images courtesy of vendors. 


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