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Between television and streaming on Netflix and Amazon, I consume an unnatural number of shows. I often think to myself, if my co-workers really knew how much TV I watch, they might change their opinion of me. 

This summer, while many of my regular season favorites were on hiatus, I did a lot of browsing for new things to binge. My best discovery of 2018 has been Red Oaks on Amazon. I hadn't heard of it, and found it while scrolling (and scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling). 

The show is set in New Jersey in 1984 and centers around the staff and guests of Red Oaks Country Club. It's like Dirty Dancing meets the episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 when they worked at the beach club. 

The main character, David (played by Craig Roberts), is home for the summer from college and has taken a job as the assistant tennis pro. Fun fact: Roberts is British in real life, which you would never know from watching the show. He's got the American accent down! 

At the club, David reports to the seasoned pro, Nash, who is one of my favorite characters. Nash is divorced, way past his prime, but finds a way to flirt with every woman who books a lesson with him. He has some of the best lines in the show and whenever he came on screen, I knew I was in for a treat. 

Red Oaks

David becomes good friends with the club's valet, Wheeler. He's brilliant, but a major stoner. Wheeler has a crush on the stunning, blond lifeguard, Misty. In one very adorable scene, Wheeler tries to teach Misty how to parallel park with one of the golf carts. 

Red Oaks

Drama begins to unfold when David falls for Skye, the daughter of the club president.

Red Oaks

Skye's dad, Mr. Getty, is played by Paul Reiser, who I will always associate with Mad About You. Tensions continue to rise when Mr. Getty becomes the center of an insider trading investigation. 

Finding Red Oaks was like finding that ever-elusive needle in a haystack. Amidst all the crap available online, it was funny, poignant, romantic and kept you seeking ahead to the next episode with glee.

I truly wanted to be part of the Red Oaks world. When I would snuggle into my bed at night, I couldn't wait to rejoin them and see what antics they'd be up to next. 

There are three seasons - 10 episodes in season one and two, and six episodes in season three. Each is 25 minutes. 

Tell me, have you watched Red Oaks? Did you love it as much as I did? What else should I add to my streaming queue? 

*Images courtesy of TV Guide and The Hollywood Reporter.


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