Sugar Fix: Dairy Witch

When it comes to food, there is nothing in this world I love more than ice cream. Which is why, on my recent trip to Salem, MA, there was no question we would hit up the Dairy Witch while we were in town. 

The Dairy Witch is on Boston Street, which is the road that leads from the highway into the town center (before you take that left). Its location makes it super easy to stop there first or as you're getting ready to head back home. 

Put the address into Waze or Google Maps and slow down as you're approaching, because it can be easy to miss. 

Dairy Witch Salem

The sign just cracks me up. Doesn't that witch make you hear the music for the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz when you look at it?! 

Dairy Witch Salem

The set up at the Dairy Witch is very simple, it's basically a shack in the center of a small parking lot. If you've ever been to a Dairy Queen, it feels like that. People of all ages line up at the two order windows and fawn over the flavor list and the sundae of the week. When we were there, I would say the age range was three years old, all the way up to sixty. 

We visited on the day after the Royal Wedding, so the sundae of the week was in Meghan and Harry's honor. 

Dairy Witch Salem

I couldn't resist this royal-themed treat! I chose black raspberry as my ice cream vessel for this cornucopia of toppings. 

Look at this beauty!! 

Dairy Witch Salem

That is a layer of black raspberry, a layer of dark chocolate raspberry truffles, white chocolate chips and hot fudge, a second layer of black raspberry, a second layer of dark chocolate raspberry truffles, white chocolate chips and hot fudge, all topped with whipped cream, walnuts and a cherry. I was smiling so wide I thought my face was going to break. 

I must admit, even for a dessert champion like me, this was too big of a portion. I gave it such a valiant effort, but I didn't even come close to finishing. If you decide to order the sundae of the week, plan to share it with someone. 

Definitely follow @dairywitchicecream on Instagram so you can see new flavors as they add them and check out each week's special. This week it's the unicorn sundae, which is your choice of ice cream, layered in with rainbow sprinkles, cookie dough and cotton candy crunch. 

Tell me, what are your favorite ice cream spots in New England? Where should I indulge next? 

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