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I had another post planned for today and I completely rearranged my editorial calendar because I felt it was that important I tell you about this new Netflix show right now. 

Last week my friend Stephanie recommended I try Netflix's new baking competition show, Nailed It (sidebar, if you don't follow Stephanie's blog, you are missing some seriously epic house flipping and home design ideas). Given my love of dessert and my addiction to the show Chopped, it seemed highly likely I could be into it. 

There are six episodes and each one is 30 minutes. At the start of each episode, you meet three home cooks who like baking and are interested in improving their skills. They arrive to the Nailed It kitchen where they are given a first task.

In episode one, when I saw what they were being asked to recreate, my jaw dropped. Even the most skilled pastry chef would need half a day to pull off something like that. I knew right away this was going to be good. 

A "one to watch" is chosen after round one and that person gets to wear a gold sequin chef's hat for round two (this show is clearly meant for me). 

The round two creation is usually even more complex and you can just feel the shit show coming to town. When the contestants present their finished product to the judges, the show puts a still photograph of the original next to their attempt and I am telling you, I laughed out loud every single time. Once I almost spit out an entire mouth full of ice tea. 

Nailed It

In addition to watching for the crazy outcomes, you should also tune in to listen to head judge (and chocolate master) Jacques Torres. You will be swooning as he gives words of encouragement in his French accent. 

Nailed It

I've been very stressed lately and watching Nailed It had me in hysterics. They say "laughter is the best medicine" and this show was just the levity (and absurdity) I needed. 

Have you seen the show? Did you love it as much as I did? 

*Images courtesy of Netflix


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