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In the winter, I am the streaming queen. With freezing temperatures outside and rain and snow falling from the sky, there is nothing I would rather do than snuggle into my usual corner of the couch, wrap myself in my favorite fleece blanket (the Supple Touch from American Blanket Company, seriously life changing) and binge a new show. 

I never watched Nurse Jackie when it was airing in real time. It was only available on Showtime, which isn't part of my cable package. I always knew about the show because Edie Falco, the star, was nominated for every award under the sun for this role (she ultimately took home an Emmy in 2010). 

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie has seven seasons and was on air from 2009 - 2015. Falco stars as Jackie Peyton, an emergency room nurse at All Saints Hospital in New York City. While Jackie is incredible with patients, she is secretly battling a drug addiction. She is willing to do anything to get her next fix, including cheat on her loving and devoted husband with the hospital's pharmacist.

Nurse Jackie

Jackie's protege at work (who has no idea about her drug use) is named Zoey. She is young, inexperienced, anxious and insists on wearing all the colorful, cartoon scrubs. Basically, everything she does annoys Jackie. 

Nurse Jackie

Also on Jackie's shit list, Dr. Cooper, played by Peter Facinelli. You may recognize him as Carlisle Cullen from Twilight (or as Jennie Garth's ex-husband). "Coop" as he becomes known, isn't much of a doctor, spending more time trying to become everyone's friend. He will grate on your nerves, I assure you. 

Nurse Jackie

I was surprised to see actress Betty Gilpin (who I first saw on Glow) as Dr. Roman, an addition to the cast in the final two seasons. 

Outside the hospital, Jackie struggles to hide her drug addiction from her husband, Kevin, and their two daughters, Grace and Fiona. The hardest scenes to watch throughout the entire series are between Jackie and her older daughter Grace. As Grace matures and becomes a high school student, she becomes fully aware of her mother's addiction and says some unbelievably cruel things. I know all teenagers are tough, but Grace Peyton is truly a piece of work. 

Nurse Jackie

The reason the show is so compelling is because it's impossible for your brain to reconcile how Jackie can be such a calm, kind, generous person with the hospital's patients, while also being high as a kite. Though she does some deplorable things to score pills, you find yourself rooting for her and hoping she'll turn things around. 

The entire series is on Netflix. Each episode is just 30 minutes. Now that I've wrapped this show, I've moved onto season four of Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle. Review to come next week! 

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