Dining Out: Cafe Landwer

Sunday brunch is my favorite meal of the week and I love it even more when I'm dining at a new restaurant for the first time. This weekend I met up with a friend at Cafe Landwer, the newest addition to Audubon Circle. 

Cafe Landwer Boston

Cafe Landwer is in the space formerly occupied by the Elephant Walk, across the street from Tatte Bakery and Taberna de Haro. This is their first location in the United States. Read more about the brand on Eater Boston

Inside, the dining room is flooded with natural light. I love the neon sign above the coffee station that suggests, "Start your day with Landwer." 

Cafe Landwer Boston Cafe Landwer Boston

It reminds me of the neon pink "Rosé all day" sign at Hampton Social in Chicago

If you're dining solo, there are tons of seats at a breakfast bar in the front window. This would be a lovely place to begin the day or to camp out with your laptop. 

Cafe Landwer Boston

We opted to sit in the main dining room and our seats were right in the heart of the action. I couldn't wait to see the menu, as I hadn't had a chance to properly creep online. 

Cafe Landwer Boston

I was overjoyed to see Cafe Landwer offers so many classic, Israeli breakfast options. 

I began the meal with their signature ice tea, which is garnished with pomegranate syrup and finely chopped fruit. It reminded me so much of the ice tea I had at Bucke in Tel Aviv.

Cafe Landwer Boston

We had a very difficult time deciding what to get because everything sounded so tasty. 

Cafe Landwer Boston

Ultimately, my brunch date went with the Landwer's famous breakfast (yes, that's what they call it) which is two eggs (any style), multi-grain bread, yogurt with granola, tuna salad, guacamole, labneh cheese, feta cheese, cream cheese, jam and a side salad. Israelis are very into all the breads and spreads. 

Cafe Landwer Boston

How cute is this wooden tray? What an adorable presentation. In Israel they just place all the small dishes on the table and you try your best not to knock anything over. 

As she chipped away at her many options she said, "Everything is delicious. The labneh is amazing and the yogurt was so yummy. Basically the dairy was the star." She continued, "I loved all the little dishes. It felt like a breakfast choose your own adventure." 

Cafe Landwer Boston

I decided on the halloumi shakshuka. If you've been a Pop.Bop.Shop. reader for a while, you know I have a thing for halloumi cheese. 

The shakshuka was served in a cast iron pan, piping hot. The eggs were a bit overcooked (not as runny a yoke as I would have liked) and the spinach was buried all the way down at the bottom, so it took a while to taste any. But as expected, the halloumi cheese was the perfect compliment to the tomato broth, making each bite zing with flavor.

Cafe Landwer Boston

I inhaled the multi-grain bread that came on the side. It was the perfect vehicle for soaking up the broth. When they first put my tray down I thought, "I'll never be able to finish all that bread." Whoops.  

I was too stuffed to eat the side salad, so left that untouched. 

If you don't have time to sit and eat, Cafe Landwer also has a take out counter. You can get coffee, tea and an assortment of pastries. 

Cafe Landwer Boston

I was very tempted to take a few pastries to go, but managed to muster up some restraint. 

Cafe Landwer Boston

Though I love Tatte Bakery and Sofra, Cafe Landwer is the first place in Boston to serve a breakfast that felt like you could truly be in Israel. I can't wait to go back and try more menu items. 

Tell me, have you been? Was there a particular dish you loved? 

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