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We have officially reached the week in December where most primetime shows go on their holiday hiatus. In my weekly lineup, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, This Is Us and The Real Housewives of Orange County are all already done for the year. Which means . . . I have more time to stream! 

While in Miami, FL for Thanksgiving, my mom and I were searching for a show to watch together. We are notorious for wasting 60-90 minutes scrolling through titles, picking something and then falling asleep because it took us so long to decide. This time, we each came to the couch with a list of stuff we had been wanting to see, which helped us get to a joint selection much faster. We ultimately landed on Sneaky Pete, which is available on Amazon. 

Sneaky Pete was co-created by Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad fame) and David Shore, one of the creators of House. The executive producer / showrunner is Graham Yost, the creator of Justified. Pretty solid credentials, no? 

The show tells the story of Marius Josipovic, an inmate about to come up for parole. Acutely aware of the dangers that await him on the other side, he decides to steal his cellmate's identity. You know, to really start this new, free chapter of his life on the right foot. 

Marius is played by Giovanni Ribisi, who I have loved since The Boiler Room. Exactly like The Boiler Room, Sneaky Pete also finds Ribisi in the role of a con man. 

Sneaky Pete

As he assumes his new identity, Pete, he makes his way to a farm in upstate New York, where he reunites with a family that hasn't seen him in 20 years. The farm is owned by Pete's grandparents, played by Peter Gerety and Margo Martindale (from The Americans). His grandparents are in the bail bond business, which is not exactly the safest environment for a newly released convict.

Sneaky Pete

He forms a particular bond (no pun intended) with his cousin, Julia, who is a bit of a hot mess. Of course the real Marius could actually pursue those feelings, but "cousin" Pete, cannot. 

Sneaky Pete

What transpires over the 10 episodes of season one will make your heart pound and beads of sweat appear on your brow. Marius has to dance ever so delicately not to blow his cover, especially among relatives who are awfully suspicious about his sudden reappearance. 

Each episode is 45 - 55 minutes long. I was watching two or three per sitting. The plot has the has the pace of a thriller, without all the violence (a big win in my book). 

I got reeled in by lying cousin Pete and I think you will too. According to Deadline, Amazon has already renewed it for a second season. 

What shows are you binging? What should I add to my list?

For now, I am counting the minutes until The Crown's second season premieres on Netflix on Friday! 

*Images courtesy of Amazon, Hypable and Screener TV.


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