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On our final full day on Martha's Vineyard we woke up to sound of rain tapping against our windows. It was wet and dreary; the type of weather that would normally indicate Netflix and sweatpants. Since we only had three days on the island, we felt compelled to head out and explore, even if we got a little soaked. 

We piled into the car and drove to Aquinnah, the town furthest west on the Vineyard. As we crossed the town line from Chillmark to Aquinnah, I felt like I'd been transported to Ireland - lush green fields, expansive farm land and on this particular day, mist and fog. 

Our destination was the Aquinnah Lighthouse. We snagged the last spot in the parking lot and walked up to see the water view. Though it's a bit hard to tell through the fog, Aquinnah is famous for its red clay cliffs. 


I love all the wildflowers growing right alongside the ocean. 


Over in the distance, we could see the lighthouse. In this cloudy weather, they already had the light on (it was about 3pm). This lighthouse has been operating since 1799. It actually has a pretty fascinating history, which you can read about here.


We walked down a short path that led us right to the base of the lighthouse. 


I was super bummed the weather was so crummy, because the view of the water down below looked like it could have been amazing. 

Adjacent to the parking lot for the lighthouse is a collection of small shacks. A mini village, if you will.  


The area is a mix of tiny restaurants and souvenir shops. Amidst all the nautical decor and trinkets, I found the perfect t-shirt for my dad. 

Though our adventure to Aquinnah was a rainy one, we felt accomplished that we had officially visited every town on the island. 

On our last morning, we woke up to the most beautiful weather. As we boarded the ferry, I turned around to look at the island one last time. I felt like crying because I didn't want to leave. 

Martha's Vineyard

We enjoyed every minute of vitamin D on the top deck of the boat. We snapped one final photo (a book end to our very first ferry photo) to close out the trip. 

Martha's Vineyard

I fell head over heels in love with Martha's Vineyard and I can't wait to go back. Next time I want to watch the sunset on Menemsha Beach, sail on a Black Dog Tall Ship, dine at Isola in Edgartown and try many more ice cream flavors at Mad Martha's. 

What else should I add to my Martha's Vineyard bucket list? 


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I adore the ICA for all the reasons you noted. I've been a few times since it opened! I agree, the waterfront steps are sooo relaxing, the gift shop totally rocks and the exhibits are great. the record one was definitely captivating. trips to galilee from jerusalem


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