Sugar Fix: Linda's Donuts

One of my 2017 New Year's resolutions is to up my breakfast game. When I shared my list of goals in January, I named five specific places I was hoping to try, one of which is Linda's Donuts

I have to admit something embarrassing. I live down the street from Linda's. Even though I have been ridiculously close for nearly five years, I've never gone in. In my defense, the walk involves a huge hill. They don't call it Hillside Road for nothing! 

All of my neighbors are Linda's loyalists. Many of them have a Saturday or Sunday morning ritual that involves walking up the hill to get a coffee and a donut. You can spot people all over the neighborhood carrying the signature white paper bag from Linda's. 

This weekend I finally took my maiden voyage! A friend joined me on Saturday morning and we walked the two minutes up the hill. As we approached, my friend commented, "The sign looks just like Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls!"

Linda's Donuts

It actually does! 

Inside there are five small tables and the counter. Most people have a "usual," but since we were first time visitors we stood to the side so we could survey all the options. 

Linda's Donuts

When I was a little girl, my parents hardly ever let us have anything sweet for breakfast. Their idea of a sugary cereal was Frosted Mini Wheats. So on the very rare occasion I was allowed to have a donut (at the airport, as bribery for good behavior) I always ordered a chocolate cruller. At that age, it seemed to me that the cruller was bigger than all the other donuts. I had to make the moment count! As an adult, that is still my go-to and was the first one I picked out at Linda's. 

Linda's Donuts

The cruller was yummy, but would have tasted ever better dunked in hot coffee or cocoa. 

If you read any of the Yelp reviews for Linda's, you'll see that many people come just to try their honey dipped donut. Naturally, we had to see what all the fuss was about. 

Linda's Donuts

Right before we cut it in half, my friend said, "It looks so Krispy Kreme-y." It does have that same Krispy Kreme sheen. When you pick up the donut it is shockingly light weight (less guilt!). 

Linda's Donuts

The honey dip was sweet, but not too sweet. I could easily eat five of these. 

We were also intrigued by the coconut donut, which turned out to be much more cakey and heavy than the first two. Interestingly, the donut itself tasted a bit like lemon. 

Linda's Donuts

Our fourth selection was the classic jelly donut. It was coated ever so lightly in fine sugar. You know, the kind that has you happily licking your fingers. 

Linda's Donuts

When we cut it in half, we were thrilled to see how generous they are with the jelly filling. More than enough to get jelly in every single bite. 

Linda's Donuts

After one bite, this sky rocketed to the number one spot! 

Linda's Donuts

Now that I know how delicious that jelly donut is, my proximity to Linda's feels dangerous. 

We were seated in a booth at Linda's for just over a half hour and it was library quiet the entire time. Most people were enjoying their coffee and donuts while reading the paper. 

From the looks of it, you might assume Linda's is a cash-only place, but thankfully they do accept cards. They also take Apple Pay. 

While Linda's lacks the charm of newer donut shops like Union Square Donuts or Blackbird, it is wonderfully close to Fresh Pond and Mount Auburn Cemetery, both beautiful places to walk. So pop in for a coffee and a donut (honey dipped or jelly) and carry it on your merry way. 


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