Sugar Fix: Honeycomb Creamery

It's no secret that I love ice cream. I believe it would be factually correct to state that it's my primary food group. As such, when a friend told me about Honeycomb Creamery on Mass. Ave in Cambridge, I knew I had to check it out.

Honeycomb has opened on that divine stretch of Mass. Ave between Harvard Square and Porter Square that is home to so many excellent spots - The Abbey, Bagelsaurus, Giulia, Pho House, Temple Bar - the list goes on. At the moment, the ice cream shop is hidden behind scaffolding (darn construction!) but that shouldn't stop you from going in. 

Honeycomb Creamery

This delicious ice cream venture was started by a husband and wife team - Rory Hanlon and Kristen Rummel. Fun fact: Kristen used to be the kitchen manager for Union Square Donuts.

They founded the business in 2015, making ice cream from milk that comes from Mapleline Farm in Hadley, MA. They would sell their pints at farmers markets and events, dreaming of one day also owning a shop. That dream became reality in September 2016. 

The Honeycomb space is actually quite large, which is a good thing when the line starts to snake toward the front door. The space reminds me of Blackbird Doughnuts - white subway tile, black chalkboards and pink accents. 

Honeycomb Creamery

As we approached the line, I couldn't help but snap this adorable sandwich board. They should print and sell this as a Valentine's Day card. 

Honeycomb Creamery

Since this was our first visit, we stood in front of the flavor board for a few minutes trying to decide what to get. The woman behind the counter let us know we could each taste two flavors. 

Honeycomb Creamery

Once a flavor is selected, you have to consider toppings. Honeycomb has the classics like hot fudge and whipped cream, but they also offer things like sea salt, peanut butter patties, lime and lemon gummy bears and torched marshmallow. 

Honeycomb Creamery

My friend decided on Double Chocolate Swirl and asked for torched marshmallow on top. 

Honeycomb CreameryHoneycomb Creamery

Why is a brulee torch so mesmerizing? 

Honeycomb Creamery

I had sampled two flavors - Cold Brew Coffee Chip and Chocolate Pecan Penuche - and ultimately decided on Chocolate Pecan. Pecan pie is one of my favorite desserts (especially this chocolate version at East Coast Grill) so I had to try it. After seeing the theater of the torched marshmallow process, I needed to have it too. 

Honeycomb Creamery

This tasted like the ultimate, frozen, Thanksgiving dessert! All the traditional flavors of chocolate pecan pie with whipped cream, but chilled. 

When we had licked our bowls clean (which happened in less than five minutes) we tossed them into the compost. Honeycomb serves their ice cream with biodegradable bowls and spoons, so you can feel great that your purchase is not harming the environment! 

If you live in the area and can visit the shop, they are open 10:00am - 10:00pm on Monday - Wednesday and 10:00am - 11:00pm on Thursday - Sunday. 

Honeycomb Creamery is a welcomed addition to an already fabulous neighborhood. Be sure to follow Rory, Kristen and the team on Instagram @honeycombcreamery to see what they are up to, including the creation of choco tacos, cannolis stuffed with ice cream and waffles a la mode. 


Katie Hayes's picture

I really need to try that place! I keep walking by it, thinking that I need to try it, and then forgetting about it.

Molly's picture

Definitely pop in the next time you walk by! They have super yummy baked goods too.


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