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With all of my regular season shows on hiatus for the summer, I got in a lot of streaming time these last few months. I watched the new seasons of Bloodline and Orange is the New Black, as well as all of Catastrophe, Mozart in the Jungle and Grace & Frankie. When I finished Grace & Frankie I wasn't sure what to watch next. A friend recommended I try Hart of Dixie, a CW show that had gone off the air last year. 

If you took Summer Roberts from the O.C., Jason Street from Friday Night Lights, the townspeople from Stars Hallow on Gilmore Girls and a bunch of southern accents and put them all in a blender, the result would be Hart of Dixie. 

Rachel Bilson, best known as Summer on the O.C., stars as Dr. Zoe Hart. Dr. Hart was rejected from the coveted fellowship she applied for in New York City so heads south to Bluebell, Alabama to take over her deceased father's medical practice. 

Hart of Dixie

On her very first day in Bluebell she is picked up by the town golden boy, George Tucker, played by Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter (a.k.a. Jason Street). The town's mayor, Lavon Hayes, is also portrayed by a FNL alum, Cress Williams who played Vince's father. 

Hart of Dixie

Zoe immediately finds herself in a love triangle between George and the town's most flirtatious bartender, Wade Kinsella. Wade is played by an actor named Wilson Bethel. You may recognize him as Ryder Callahan from The Young and the Restless or as Scott Carpenter from The Astronaut Wives Club.

Hart of Dixie

He is so handsome that he almost dethroned my number one crush, Josh on TV Land's Younger

What I loved most about the show was that it provided a fun escape. Every night I would get home from work and I would unwind by traveling to Bluebell. Much like the Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls, the people of Bluebell have all kinds of crazy town traditions, holidays and superstitions. Those rituals make for some serious entertainment. 

If you are thinking about watching Hart of Dixie, the entire series is available on Netflix. The first three seasons have 22 episodes, each about 45 minutes long. The fourth and final season only has 10 episodes, also 45 minutes each.

For those who did watch, what was with the musical number in the series finale? I could not wrap my head around why the writers or the director would approve that hokey montage. 

As I watched the final 10 episodes I was very sad my time with the people of Bluebell was ending. I really loved watching an episode or two every night. The show is light hearted and funny and I never turned down a chance to see Wade with his shirt off. 

Hart of Dixie

Right now I am catching up on season one of ABC's Quantico. More about that next week! 

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