Dining Out: Bagelsaurus

Several months ago I stumbled upon the Bagelsaurus Instagram account (@Bagelsaurus13) and was immediately intrigued. Each day they post the most mouth watering photos of fresh bagels and bagel sandwiches packed to the gills with goodies. 

Since discovering their existence, I had been trying to find a weekend morning to go and then it dawned on me - Easter Sunday! Almost all my friends were out of town or busy with their families, so I emailed one of best friends (also Jewish, not celebrating Easter) to see if she was free to join me. 

We arrived at 10:00am and the line was already poking out the door. The smell of fresh bagels was so intoxicating that even dogs were stopping to sniff! Every dog that walked by tried to get in the front door. 

Bagelsaurus Storefront

When we finally got up to the door, I stopped to snap a photo of Bagelsaurus' adorable logo, a Stegosaurus with a belly full of bagel. 

Bagelsaurus Logo

Inside, the line continued from the front door all the way to the counter. When you visit, prepare to wait in line in two phases - outside, then inside. 

Bagelsaurus Line

When we reached the front, we were finally able to check out the menu (though we had both peeped it online already). Bagelsaurus offers 12 varieties of bagels and six signature bagel sandwiches. 

Bagelsaurus Menu

I love the way they designed the chalkboard to have each bagel flavor in its own unique font. The poppy one is just too cute. 

Bagelsaurus Menu

If you're the type of person who eats with your eyes, you can make your choice once you reach the counter. All of the bagels are on displays in racks right behind the register.


My breakfast date decided to order the Classic Jumbo bagel sandwich on an everything bagel. It came with an egg, sharp cheddar, mustard butter and she added roasted tomatoes. 

Classic Jumbo

As she dug into it I asked for her first impressions. She said, "Well, I decided to get their classic sandwich because I felt like I needed to understand their foundation product. It's like when you got to a great pizza place, the first time you have to order the Margherita to get a sense for their chops." She continued, "This bagel is exactly the right kind of chewy. It tastes so fresh. The roasted tomatoes add a nice tang. The cheddar was great and the egg was cooked perfectly - it was runny, but didn't get all over me. The mustard butter provided a little zing that was an awesome surprise in every bite. This really was such a great combination of flavors."

Classic Jumbo

I decided on the Eggspañola on an onion bagel. The sandwich was stuffed with egg, Maplebrook feta cheese, pimenton aioli, parsley gremolata and I added avocado (which they recommend). 


This is one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have ever tasted. Right up there with the Fancy at Mike & Patty's. The egg is cooked perfectly (as my friend said) and the feta cheese was cut into steaks. The avocado brought a buttery flavor to the sandwich, the pimenton aioli offering a slight heat and kick. The parsley garnish adds a bright freshness. 


Once we'd devoured both of our sandwiches, I asked my friend which one she wanted to try next and with zero hesitation she said, "Yours!" 

Because we were feeling gluttonous, we also decided to share one slice of the banana coffee cake. This tasted like if a banana bread and a coffee cake had the world's most beautiful love child. The cake was exactly the right density (not too heavy, not too crumbly) and had a great banana taste without being overwhelming. We couldn't seem to find forks anywhere, so we ate this with our hands. #sorrynotsorry 

Banana Coffee Cake

Bagelsaurus 100 percent lived up to the hype. They have developed a cult following and its clear to see why. They often sell out before their official closing time, locking doors once all the bagels are gone. 

Their space seats 12 people (more if you can squeeze two butts on the bench side of the table), so my advice is to go with a friend and have one person order and one person watch like a hawk for people getting up. 

Also be advised that Bagelsaurus is cash only. 

It only took me 15 minutes to get from my house to Bagelsaurus and I almost wish I didn't know it was that quick, because now I am going to be there all the time. 

Have you been? Do you have a favorite bagel sandwich? 


Marisa Edelstein's picture

Love this post! The food looks incredible and I'm totally the kind of person who "eats with my eyes"!!!

Molly's picture

The food was incredible! The next time you come to Boston we'll go. It's 10 minutes from me and 10 minutes from Sara!

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