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This whole week I've been sharing with you all the places I've explored as part of my road trip with Shop Newburyport. When the team suggested we pop into Life is Good, I was a bit suprised. Life is Good is an international sensation, not something you think of as hyper local. Well, when we walked in and got to chatting with one of the store's employees, we learned that the Newburyport store was actually the first ever brick and mortar location for the brand. #TheMoreYouKnow 

Life is Good in Newburyport is located in the heart of town, right on State Street. It's on the first floor of a brick building and just looks so New England.

Life is Good Storefront

There is a bench out front made from two snowboards. I resisted the seated photo opp. 

Life is Good Snowboard Bench

Inside, the front of the store was totally decked out for St. Patrick's Day with shirts that said things like "Life is Good, Shamrock On." 

Shamrock OnFour Leaf Clover Shirt

After reading Shonda Rhimes' book "Year of Yes" I was particularly interested in this purple tank top that says "Say Yes" with a heart inside the letter A. 

Say Yes Shirt

Did you know that Life is Good makes dog toys? I definitely did not. They have these adorable chew toys in the shape of bones that say "Lucky Dog" on them.

Lucky Dog Toy

They also have balls that say "Chew What You Like, Like What You Chew" which is a riff on their popular slogan "Do What You Like, Like What You Do."

Dog Toy

It should come as no surprise that I am constantly on the look out for holiday cards so when I saw Life is Good was already displaying Christmas options, I took notice. 

Christmas Cards

Up at the register, the Newburyport store has Life is Good stickers with a lighthouse. These seem perfect for a laptop, a water bottle or even the back of a car.

Life is Good Sticker

As we were getting ready to scoot, one of the employees handed me a parting gift. I waited to unwrap it until I was home that night. It was a coffee mug that says "Good Morning Sunshine" on one side and has an illustration of a sun on the other side.

Life is Good MugLife is Good Mug

I am most definitely not a morning person, so when I read the mug, I hear that words in a mocking/teasing tone. 

It's very cool to think that the Life is Good retail empire started in a small, seaside town in Massachusetts. The next time you're in Newburyport, stop in for some good vibes. 

*This post is sponsored by Shop Newburyport. All opinions are 100 percent my own.


Kristen Fenton's picture

the CEO gave a speech at one of the UNH graduations - it was a really good speech :)
I love that mug!

Molly's picture

The co-founders are so inspiring, especially the commitment to charity. Their foundation does incredible work.


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