Premiere: The Foodie List Boston

I am overjoyed to share with you my television debut! 

You may remember that back in April 2015 I filmed an episode of the "The Foodie List" here in Boston. "The Foodie List" travels around the world showcasing the best dishes at local restaurants. The show is hosted by four food bloggers in each city. In its first season the show stopped in 13 hot spots around the globe including Helsinki, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Austin, TX and of course, Beantown. 

I was contacted by the show's production team and asked to submit an audition tape. I shot the video in my dining room, sent the take I hated the least and held my breath. If you haven't seen my audition, you can watch it here

When I found out that I had been cast, I was equal parts shocked and thrilled. I became exponentially more excited when I learned I would be starring alongside three of my favorite foodies - Bianca Garcia of Confessions of a Chocoholic, Dan Whalen of The Food in My Beard and Fiona Coxe of A Boston Food Diary

Throughout the filming process I shared all the behind the scenes details here on the blog from casting, to hair and makeup, to the first two locations and the final two stops. Today I am jumping out my skin with excitement to reveal the finished product! 

Below you will find the three segments where I am featured. 

The Fancy Breakfast Sandwich at Mike & Patty's in Bay Village. Can we have a moment of silence to mourn the loss of my beautiful, long locks? Sigh. Also, get ready for me to drop some serious historical knowledge on the origin of the breakfast sandwich. Thanks, Pioneers! 

The Buffalo Fried Brussels Sprouts at Highland Kitchen in Somerville. In this clip my expert commentary includes, "If you love the spicy kick of Buffalo wings, but you also love the fried batter on an onion ring or even French fries, this is the most amazing appetizer because it is all of those things, plus vegetables, so you don't have to feel like it's bad for you. It's actually the best case scenario."

The Eggplant with Smoked Mozzarella at Piattini on Newbury Street. Yes, those are my pasty white legs walking across Boylston Street. I would describe this clip as, "the one where Bianca makes really intelligent comments about the neighborhood and the dish's preparation and Molly makes insane facial expressions." 

I hope you enjoyed watching me talk about some of my favorite dishes in Boston. Filming this show was one of the most fun experiences of my life. A huge thank you to our crew - Maude, Sebastian and Adriana, to my castmates - Bianca, Dan and Fiona, and to my friends and family who have been my biggest cheerleaders since the very first post on Pop.Bop.Shop. seven years ago.


Mollie Searle Benoni's picture

JUST AWESOME! You look stunning, you spoke so well, I love how you hold a fork. I am now super hungry... more than usual even. Ahhh! My M is FAMOUS!!! SO happy for you love!

Molly's picture

Haha. Glad my fork holding skills looked on point!

Ben Haber's picture

This is awesome!!! Congrats Molly :-)

Molly's picture

Thank you Ben! You have been ever so patient as I've photographed our meals over the last 7 years!

Glenn Kaufhold's picture

Congratulations, Molly! You're a total natural at this. BRAVA!!

Molly's picture

Thank you Glenn! Look forward to celebrating during your next visit to Boston!

Olivia Beane's picture

Officially official. Legit TV star, mic hath been dropped. Go Molls!!

Molly's picture

Thank you Boliv! I had such a blast doing this!

Marisa Edelstein's picture

I seriously love this so much. You look beautiful and sound amazing. Favorite parts: pioneers, best case scenario, and eyes rolling back in my head. LOVE. GET IT GURL.

Molly's picture

Haha. Glad you enjoyed all my attempts at comedy and my signature eye roll!

Teresa Hamilton's picture

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Jennet's picture

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