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Two Decembers ago my mom and I watched all of the first season of "Transparent" in two days (you can read my review here). We could have done it in one sitting, but we felt guilty holing ourselves up in the den while my dad was left alone in the other room. 

Season one was all about Maura Pfefferman and her transition to living her life as a woman. As the viewer, you were really let in all the elements of the transition process from what pronouns do people use when talking about you, to how to tell your grandchildren, to the fear of using public restrooms. The first season was raw and honest. 

In addition to Maura's journey, the show also gave quite a bit of screen time to her three outrageously selfish children, Sarah, Josh and Ali. 

Interestingly, season two is much less about Maura and transgender issues and much more about the evolution of each of her children. 

*SPOILER ALERT! Do not read on if you do not want to know anything about what happens in the show.*

The first episode of the season opens with Sarah's wedding to Tammy. There is a hysterical scene where the photographer cannot get all the Pfeffermans to stand still and stop talking long enough to snap one decent family photo. 

Wedding photo

The wedding quickly turns to disaster and Sarah is pretty much off her rocker the rest of the season. 

Josh, the middle kid, is juggling his pregnant, rabbi girlfriend and his high school age son who he only recently learned he had (Remember? He used to sleep with his babysitter, Rita). I never though Josh deserved rabbi Raquel, but I still found myself really sad when they broke up. 

Then we have Ali, the strangest of the bunch. This season she reignites her relationship with her best friend turned girlfriend. In my favorite scene of the entire season, Ali and her GF host the break fast for Yom Kippur. Ali knows absolutely nothing about the holiday and makes the most cringeworthy toast of all time. I couldn't stop laughing. 

Yom Kippur

Though much of the season focused on the three Pfefferman kids, Maura did get one really compelling storyline. At long last, she has a love interest. After a wild weekend at a women's festival with her daughters, Maura has a romantic tryst in a hotel room with of all people, Anjelica Huston. I turned to my friend I was watching with and gushed, "Awww. Finally Maura finds love!" 

Anjelica Huston

On an equally emotional level, throughout the season there were all these random flashbacks to a brother and sister duo living in Berlin, Germany in the 1930s. The brother decided to live his life as a woman, though he was only in high school. 


Toward the very end, you discover the sister in the sibling pair is Maura's mother. Maura has been so afraid to visit her mother, afraid she wouldn't understand her life now. It turns out, no one could possibly understand it better than her. 

Though they are dysfunctional beyond belief, I can't stop watching the Pfeffermans. Beneath all the antics and the Jewish guilt, they really do love each other. 

Photo of Transparent cast

Now the question is, how do we wait another full year for more epsiodes? 

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