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On my most recent trip to San Francisco I squeezed in a few days with one my dearest friends who moved from Bostont to SF about three years ago. She and her boyfriend are living together in a neighborhood called Outer Sunset. On my first full day in town they showed me around, including a stop at an art gallery owned by two of their friends, husband and wife team Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin. 

3 Fish Studios is located on Irving Street in a quiet, residential area. 

I love the design on this sandwich board welcome sign. 

Inside the studio is spacious and bright.

New prints are constantly being hung (hence the ladder in the corner). 

In the center of the left wall is the California bear, which serves as the inspiration for many of 3 Fish Studios' prints.

In this version, the bear is surrounded by blue hydrangeas.

You can have the bear on just about any background you can imagine. 

Here are just a few:

The bear also lives on tote bags! 

If the California bear isn't your thing, not to worry. There are plenty of other designs. 

I was impressed by the wide array of prints depicting the Golden Gate bridge. You can have one straight on, from the side, daytime or nighttime. 

Many of the pieces in the studio celebrate San Francisco, including these awesome neighborhood prints. 

Those same neighborhood prints also decorate handmade sketch books. 

This next piece caught my eye because the juxtapostion of the bright surfboards with the melancholy, black and white homes is very unexpected. 

A minute later I zeroed in on two prints within this gallery wall. Can you guess which two? 

Surprise, surprise, the two black dresses!

It took quite a bit of restraint for me not to buy both of those. If I didn't already have two adorable prints hanging in my bathroom, I would have snatched them right up. 

By the cash register there are note cards, each with a sweet or funny saying. I love that one that says, "Dang!" It would make a perfect belated birthday card or even a congratulations card, depending on how you write the note inside.

What's really special about the 3 Fish Studios space is that they have a secret garden. 

In this secluded outdoor area they host concerts, BBQs and more. 

There are all kinds of beautiful touches, like this mobile of vases. 

It's easy to see how local fans would flock to this family-style table and enjoy a meal or concert together out here. 

As I was snapping photos of the backyard I noticed three fish poking up out of the greenery. These fish match the studio's logo. The place was named after the design on the coat of arms for Annie's family, who is from Ireland. You can read the full story here.

We spent nearly an hour at 3 Fish Studios and I could have stayed all afternoon. Annie and Eric are both so warm and welcoming. They make each person who walks through the door feel at home. Their work is vibrant and exciting. If you're looking for a California souvenir or even a gift for someone local, they have prints, tote bags, magnets and more. Several of their items are also sold in the Ferry Building. 

My one regret about 3 Fish Studios is that I don't live in the neighborhood and can't go back for all their special events. If you live in SF or are heading there in the future, be sure to make time to stop in. 


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