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When I first started blogging in January 2009, there was already a group of pretty well known bloggers in Beantown. The fashion crew was lead by a local Twitter celeb, @PunkyStyle.

One night, at the now defunct Mass Ave Tavern, I had the pleasure of meeting @PunkyStyle in person and learning her real name, Amy Lynn Chase. Not to sound like a total fan girl, but Amy was just so effortlessly cool. She had a really unique, funky style and was nice as could be.

Later that year Amy co-founded a company called Swapaholics. I started following their promotions and events, which is how I learned she was opening a new antique and artisan shopping destination in Worcester, MA called Crompton Collective.

I kid you not, I have been wanting to visit Crompton Collective since it first opened back in 2012. Last weekend, during a reunion weekend with my college BFFs, I finally made my first trip.

Crompton Collective is located on the ground floor of Crompton Place, a historic mill building on Green Street in Worcester, MA.

We walked through the doors and actually headed straight down the hall to start our visit at the Canal District Farmer's Market. The market is open every Saturday from 9:00am - 12:00pm and is year round. No snow stopping these people!

The first vendor we visited was Vessel Candle Co. You may remember I first discovered them at the BCAE Local Love Market in February 2014.

I was really excited to sniff all their new scents. I wound up taking home one called First Snow. I know it's going to smell so heavenly on those bitterly cold winter nights.

Next to the candles, a woman was selling fresh herbs.

A few tables down, we met an artist name Jen Niles who specializes in painting cats and dogs.

As I moved closer to check out her work, I zeroed in on a painting that looks exactly like Scout!

Of course I had to have it. I snatched it up and plan to keep it at my desk at work.

My friend also found an adorable Christmas card that looks just like her black lab, Jake.

We both signed up for Jen's email list. The next day we received a note saying she is teaching a "paint your pet" class. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty into the idea.

While we were fussing over the dog paintings, the rest of our crew was tasting their way through Peg's Preserves.

She had all kinds of jellies in a variety of tempting hues.

I was very interested in the dark chocolate raspberry jam (far right).

A few tables over there was a wine tasting going on. Who knew you could taste wine at a morning farmer's market?

Around the corner was an adorable whoopie pie bakery.

The menu was very enticing! Chocolate and coconut, pumpkin and maple, tiramisu and more.

Our last stop in the farmer's market was the Fox Point Pickling Company. I loved all their creative signage.

They had two kinds of pickles out for sampling: garlic dill pickles and spicy dill pickles. As I was tasting the spicy variety, the pickle man said, "You know, those are awesome in Bloody Marys." How did he know I am a Bloody addict?

Though I didn't buy a full jar, they sent me away with a rad sticker.

With our farmer's market loot tucked into our purses, we headed back into the Crompton Collective to start shopping.

So many of the booths were beautifully decorated for the holidays.

There were antiques galore!

If you are looking for something special for your holiday table, there were all kinds of festive sets of glassware.

This one particular nook looked especially cozy and inviting.

As I turned a corner I noticed artwork from 9000 Things, an artist I met at the SoWa Winter Market back in April 2014. I love the way she uses the state of Massachusetts and the Boston skyline as the centerpieces of many of her designs.

As we walked from booth to booth, the decor only got more impressive.

I lost a good ten minutes exploring the contents of every shelf along this wall. Whoops.

Then I stumbled upon a display of Emily McDowell's cards. I've been buying them for a while, but recently discovered a new batch in a post on A Cup of Jo two weeks ago.

This one made me chuckle, "You're like a sister to me. Except I never hate you."

Equally perfect, "I can't wait to sob uncontrollably at your wedding!"

A few feet away I was magnetized to this skinny Christmas tree because I spied something adorable . . .

 . . . . ice cream truck treat ornaments!

Just beyond the tree was another display of fabulous cards.

This one made me laugh:

And this one had me singing Iggy Azalea:

Then I wandered into an antique booth called Molly Pepper.

I flipped out over this adorable children's table and chairs with a chalkboard table top. It took all the restraint I could muster not to splurge on this for my little cousins.

They booth owner even wrote on the chalkboard table, "Don't open until Christmas." Too cute.

I also swooned over this Parisian themed suitcase, patterned with the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.

A tea and hot cocoa addict, I was eyeing this collection of ceramic mugs.

How clever is this Scrabble decor?

In the next booth over I was crushing on this decorative dining room chair. If they had six of them, I would have piled them up and driven them straight home.

As I was turning the next corner I spotted streamers made of movie tickets. You know how obsessed I am with my awards show parties. I am always looking for new, first time decor ideas.

This movie ticket canopy was created with one hula hoop and a few strands of red and white raffle tickets.

I made a mental note. The Golden Globe Awards are fast approaching on Sunday January 10th!

At the next booth there was a collection of old school signs, including a yellow flag shape that said, "You are my sunshine."

Towards the very back of the showroom floor was a booth decorated with a gorgeous banner that said "Autumn." Where can I learn to be this crafty?

Just across the way, a living room was staged in the perfect combination of masculine and mod touches.

Next up, Amy Lynn's shop, Haberdash.

Haderdash was a treasure trove of cocktail rings and costume jewelry.

I also stumbled upon some hilarious tote bags.

If you're looking for a cute DIY holiday gift idea, try these ornaments in a jar.

We all gasped at the sight of these wine cork Christmas trees. What a fun craft that would be to do with friends (after wine, of course).

Speaking of crafts, I'd love to pot plants or terrariums in classic truck toys (like below) with my little cousin Max.

It was very hard for me not to leave with this moss covered "M."

Heading into another booth I spied these adorable, wreath clad reindeer. How gorgeous would these be sprinkled in with candles down the center of a holiday table?

This Paris themed booth was very charming. You know I can't resist a tufted chair.

Towards the front I found this stack of marquee letters. The sign next to them suggested occasions for using them and ways to spruce them up with lights and paint. Admittedly, I need that kind of instruction.

The very last item I saw before heading to the register was tucked away on a sale shelf. It was a hand painted plaque that read, "I only have a kitchen because it came with the house." Ha! Truer words were never spoken.

After exploring Crompton Collective for over an hour (and I easily could have spent two more) I left with a holiday gift for my parents and a hysterical birthday card for a friend.

To warm up before heading back outside, we walked up a flight of stairs to BirchTree Bread Company. The place was packed! Check out that line.

For a coffee shop, it's rather enormous. They have tons of seating available, in multiple varieties - high tops, benches, booths.

We discovered a long hallway leading to their ladies room, which happened to have the most gorgeous hardwood floor.

They had art work on display along the left wall, all photos of puppies!

With tea, cocoa and coffee in hand (and a few pastries in tow) we headed back out. As we were exiting the building I saw a sign I seemed to have missed on our way in:

Crompton, you sure are awesome.


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