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Last weekend I flew to Florida to meet my new, five week old baby cousin. While I was ecstatic to snuggle with him, August in Florida isn't exactly the ideal summer climate. In fact, on Saturday, the sky turned completely gray and it started to rain.

So what do you do on a lazy, gray Saturday? Watch a movie, of course.

After perusing what was new on the Comcast list, we decided to watch "Focus."

I had actually wanted to see "Focus" when it first came out, but I didn't made it to the theater in time. The movie stars Will Smith (who never seems to age) and Margot Robbie (who you may remember from "Wolf of Wall Street").

In the film, Smith plays a con artist named Nicky. He meets Margot's character, Jess, when she tries to pull a scam over on him. Too bad he's a professional liar and calls her out mid-attempt.

After her fail, Nicky agrees to take her under his wing and teach her the ropes. They start off in New Orleans, stealing people's wallets, bags and watches. There is one scene where they are snatching things on Bourbon Street that will have you clutching your purse for dear life.

The New Orleans scene gives you an overview of what Nicky's ring usually does for their jobs. It reminded me of the MIT card sharks in the movie "21."

The best ten minutes of the movie are during a scene in a luxury box at a football game. Nicky is lured into an aggressive bet by a businessman sitting in the same box. My heart was pounding the entire time!

When Nicky explains to Jess how he targeted his opponent with subliminal messaging that entire weekend, you feel your head explode.

Like any romantic story line, there's a break up. Nicky winds up rediscovering Jess three years later. She's chasing a race car driver as her next mark. She uses a teeny tiny bikini as her best weapon.

I don't want to spoil anything, so instead I'll say that I loved the look and the pace of "Focus." In many ways it reminded me of "Ocean's Eleven." I could tell how amazing all of the scenery would have looked on a giant movie theater screen. The entire film felt like an expertly choreographed dance.

While I wasn't buying the chemistry between Nicky and Jess, I did enjoy watching them con together.

If you wind up with a rainy day on your upcoming vacation, definitely consider renting "Focus." It's great for all ages and for both guys and girls.

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Looks like we have a few rainy days coming up so I'll have to try to watch this one :)

It was great! This weekend would have been the perfect time to rent it.

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