Dining Out: The Sinclair Kitchen (Part II)

If you've been reading Pop.Bop.Shop. for a while, you already know that Sunday brunch is my favorite meal of the week. When I learned that The Sinclair in Harvard Square had started serving brunch, I rushed to check it out.

My first trip to The Sinclair for brunch did not get photographed because when we sat down, I took my camera out of my purse and was immediately greeted with a message on the screen that read, "battery depleted." #Fail

So when my coworker suggested we meet for brunch at The Sinclair this past weekend, I was excited to charge up the camera and capture my second visit.

We arrived right as they opened at 11:00am. The sky was a bit gray, but we decided to sit outdoors anyway. Notice the greenery above the front door? That's the edge of their roof deck.

Within minutes of opening their doors, the roof deck was packed. We weren't the only people with this idea!

Our waitress greeted us and handed over two menus. Right away we flipped them over to the cocktail section.

My brunch date decided to go with the mimosa flight. It included three varieties - orange juice and Cava, Merlet pear liqueur and Cava, and peach, Campari and Cava.

After taking a few sips of each, I asked her to rank the three. She said, "The pear is the best because it's the sweetest. The OJ is next, I really like the traditional combo. The peach has a weird tang to it, it would go better with a champagne sweeter than Cava."

I went with the house Bloody Mary. It's traditionally served with bacon, but when I asked if it could be made without, our waitress chirped, "Yes! Of course, of course."

The Bloody Mary that arrived was glorious. It was a huge portion and was garnished with a lime wedge, a lemon wedge, two olives and a pickle spear.

The drink itself was rich with flavor and had an awesome kick. Our waitress told us some people find it too spicy, but I loved it. I think this is my new favorite Bloody Mary in town.

For our meal, we hatched a gluttonous little plan. First, we would each have our own savory egg dish and then, we'd share one of the tantalizing waffle dishes for dessert (yes, dessert at brunch).

The first plate to arrive was my friend's choice, the breakfast tacos. Each taco was stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, tomatoes and avocado.

When I asked how she liked the dish, she replied, "Well, there was a third taco hidden under here which was a nice surprise. Unfortunately this wasn't really what I was expecting. It tasted more like an omelette than a taco. The home fries were more exciting than the tacos."

I selected the veggie eggs benedict which was a grilled English muffin topped with spinach, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.

It was outrageously delicious. Maybe the best version of veggie eggs benedict I've ever had.

The grilled English muffin added a nice smoky flavor to each bite, the eggs were cooked perfectly and the creamy texture from the melted cheese and Hollandaise sauce was heavenly. I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head with my first bite.

I also had a side of home fries which were quite tasty. The Sinclair's home fries taste like BBQ potato chips, which is always a good thing. They are so well seasoned they don't even need ketchup.

To close things out, we shared the waffle flight (yes, two flights in one morning). The plate featured one waffle topped with bananas, caramel and pecans, one with fried chicken and one with berries, fluff and a sprinkle of bacon.

The first one I tasted was the berries and fluff which was absolutely the best of the three. The berries were super fresh and bursted in your mouth with each bite. The berries even out shined the fluff!

My friend cut into the fried chicken waffle and after three bites she reported, "The waffle on its own is way too dry. When you combo it with the chicken it has a taste that is both sweet and salty. Like the waffle, the chicken was also pretty dry. The batter was the best part, it had a sweetness to it and was nice and crispy."

The third waffle was the bananas, caramel and pecans and like the chicken waffle, it was just way too dry. We each took one bite and stopped. Even drowning it in syrup couldn't resuscitate it.

Despite the dry waffles, I really did love this brunch. It was so nice to sit on the quiet roof deck and enjoy a lazy summer Sunday. My Bloody Mary was awesome and that veggie eggs benedict was to die for.

In addition to brunch, The Sinclair is also open for dinner. You can check out my review of those offerings here.

Visit The Sinclair at 52 Church Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.


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