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One of the best things about summer (aside from the warm weather, beach time and nightly frozen treats) is that all of our regular season television favorites are on hiatus, giving us plenty of time to binge-watch new shows. 

Last night I watched the final episode of season one of "Bloodline," Netflix's family drama set in the Florida Keys. I initially decided to give the show a try because it stars our beloved Coach Taylor, a.k.a. Kyle Chandler.
Coach Taylor plays John Rayburn, one of five siblings in a highly dysfunctional family. 
The Rayburn clan owns and operates a bed and breakfast in the Keys and are considered local royalty. The patriarch of the family, Robert, is played by Sam Shepard, who my mother swears was very handsome as a young man (apparently my grandmother had a crush on him). 
His wife of 40+ years is played by Sissy Spacek. For the first eleven of the thirteen episodes her character, Sally, seems to be a dutiful wife and a blissfully ignorant mother. She blindly supports all of her children, no matter their wrongdoings. Towards the end of the season, we discover (through a flashback) that perhaps she wasn't always the picture perfect wife and mother. 
The eldest of the Rayburn children (and the most polarizing) is Danny, brought to life by Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn. Danny can be charismatic and charming, but he can also be downright terrifying. The show centers around his return to the Keys and the family business. 
Most of the show's tensest moments come from conversations and stand offs between Danny and John, whose grudges go all the way back to their middle school years. 
The other Rayburn siblings, Meg and Kevin, are played by Linda Cardellini ("Freaks & Geeks") and Norbert Leo Butz, respectively. The fifth sibling, Sarah, passed away when she was ten years old, which is a recurring topic in every single episode.
"Bloodline" is steeped in secrets, leaving you anxious after every episode. The one aspect of the show that provides a little levity is the stunning tropical scenery. 
The show was shot at The Moorings Village & Spa, an actual place on Islamorada in the Keys.
If you're like me and you're using the summer to catch up on all the great shows you've been hearing about, definitely add "Bloodline" to your list. The family drama will keep you gripped and the cliffhanger in the final minute of the last episode is a doozy! 
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Thank you for this! I keep seeing it on the netflix home page and wonder, "Hmm should I try it?" and haven't yet.

Some people found it slow, but I really liked it. It's only 13 episodes, so not a huge commitment.


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