Grey's Anatomy: Flight Flashbacks

At the close of last week's episode we were all left wondering, "Where is Derek?" So of course after that dramatic preview, last night's episode did not address Derek's whereabouts at all. I hate that!

The title of the episode was "One flight down" and in the opening scene, a plane crashes right over the Chief's car as he's driving into work.

The crash occurred when the pilot of the private plane, Sam, felt pain in his chest and lost control. He was flying with his date, Kate. Kate had to take over and attempt to land the plane. All this on their very first date.

When Kate, Sam and the rest of the injured parties arrive to the hospital their story brings back painful memories for Meredith and Arizona. Meredith starts roaming the halls in search of Arizona. She finds her on the floor of the supply closet, trying not to have a panic attack.

Once Kate and Sam come out of surgery, Kate has memory loss. Edwards is determined to help her gain back the first date memory. When both Amelia and Owen try to get Edwards to stop pushing, she screams at them, "Me. I am the protagonist. You two don't interest me. This story is about love. And I will find it. He is out there. Even if I crash a plane, he is out there." Preach, my friend!

Eventually Edwards does help Kate remember. She wheels her into Sam's room where he is recovering from the heart surgery. Kate suddenly says, "He made sandwiches." Edwards and Amelia look at each other and realize they've done it. She remembers!

With the hope of true love restored, we can turn our attention to Callie, Arizona and Alex. Alex decides to confess to Arizona that he is actually the one who cut off her leg after the crash. He asks, "Do you know it was me who cut off your leg?" She looks stunned and he continues, "I made the cut. I'm the one who did it."

Arizona rushes to find Callie and asks why she hid this all this time. Callie replies, "I didn't want you to hate Alex too. I wanted you to have somebody." In moments like those, I really root for Callie. Can we get her a nice, easy romance?

In the last scene of the hour, Meredith goes to call the police about Derek and we see flashing red and blue lights outside her house. Are we supposed to assume the cops have arrived? That Derek is with them? Or they are reporting his disappearance? Or worse, his death?

In the previews for next week the narrator says "this is the episode America will never forget." It looks like Derek stopped to help a group of car crash victims, including Sydney from Parenthood.

Tell me, what do you think? Is Derek alive?

*Image courtesy of @GreysABC on Instagram.

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