The Mindy Project: Confidence

This week's episode was called "What to expect when you're expecting" in which Mindy comes to grips with her changing pregnancy body.

In one of the opening scenes, Mindy can't seem to find anything to wear. Danny tries to comfort her by saying she has that great pregnancy glow. She fires back, "This isn't a glow, this is sweat from exertion from trying to pull these jeans up over my fat ass!" Danny attempts to cheer her up by saying, "I know what would make you feel sexy. We haven't taken the D train to Seduction Junction in a while." HA! I almost spit out my water.

Mindy is sure the solution to her body image problem is to pick up her "skinny dress" from the cleaners. The only problem is, when she tries to bend in the dress, it splits straight up the back. The tear in the fabric reveals a neon orange bra and blue and white striped underwear. I hate to admit that when I try on clothes, I also always seem to be wearing this kind of loud, mismatched pair.

After the dress incident, Mindy is feeling completely defeated. Tamra offers to introduce Mindy to her cousin Sheena, a personal stylist. Sheena is played by the amazing Laverne Cox from "Orange is the New Black."

The first pep talk she gives Mindy goes a little something like this, "Confidence comes from within? Who told you that? Confidence comes from amazing outfits and perfect makeup." Amen, sister! Can I get that on a bumper sticker?

In the end, Sheena's makeover doesn't help Mindy, but her advice to Danny about how to make Mindy feel sexy again does the trick. All is right in the world again.

There were two side stories this episode, the first involved Morgan and Jessica (Julia Stiles). I don't know about you, but I completely forgot Jessica was a hoarder!

The second arc involved Jeremy, who was set on finding a lady friend after receiving Peter and Lauren's wedding invitation. He asks Danny and Morgan to come with him to a pajama party and he insists they call him "Jer."

At the party, Jeremy meets one of the neighbors after she tries to break up the party (the mother from "How I Met Your Mother"). He leaves her a strongly worded note, she shows up at the office, they scream, they decide to get dinner and then they sleep together. I kind of hope she's in more episodes. I like Jeremy having a true sparring partner.

This might be the first episode where I haven't lusted after a single item of Mindy's clothing. What can I say, track suits just aren't in my repertoire.

*All images courtesy of The Mindy Project Facebook page.


you didn't like the hot orange bra? I laughed so hard when that happened. PS the mother from How I Met Your Mother is also on from a to z which I highly recommend you watch

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