Grey's Anatomy: Winning Streak

Good morning, friends. True confession: I started this post at 11:00pm last night, so it may not be the most coherent you've ever read. 

This week's episode was titled "I Feel the Earth Move" and began with an earthquake ripping its way through Seattle. Meredith is in surgery at the time and throws her body over the patient on the table to ensure he goes unharmed. 
Upstairs in the gallery, Jo makes a comment that Meredith is on a steak. She has had 89 surgeries with positive outcomes since November. Later in the episode, Jo and Stephanie are whispering about the streak during surgery when Meredith calls them out on it. Jo proudly announces that Meredith hasn't lost a patient since November 14th. Coincidentally, that is also the day Derek moved to D.C.
Meanwhile, across the hospital, Dr. Pierce gets stuck in the elevator with Ethan from radiology. He is smiling, flirting with her and eventually asks her out for coffee. She completely freaks out and recoils. It takes a tough love conversation from Callie to convince Pierce to accept the invitation. I kind of love that Shonda and team are giving her a romantic story line. 
Over in plastic surgery, Avery is trying to train Ben to be a better listener with patients. He tells him he might just be able to win his way into "The Plastics Posse" if he applies himself. All of this seems like a warm up to Ben reconciling with his sister (formerly brother).
The story line that had my heart pounding involved an eleven year old girl named Ruby. After the earthquake, she called the hospital to say her mother had stopped breathing. Owen, Amelia and the Chief talk her though puncturing her mother's lung, all over the phone. When the emergency helicopter finds Ruby and her mom and brings them into the hospital, Ruby runs into Owen's arms. I had this moment where I remembered how badly he wanted kids with Cristina and I wanted to cry. 
Owen and Amelia decide to celebrate their relief about Ruby and her mom by having sex in the on-call room. 
In the final scene on the episode, Meredith attempts to call Derek to tell him about her winning streak, but an unknown female voice answers the phone and refuses to identify herself. Uh oh. 
What do you think? Is Derek cheating on Meredith? 
*Image courtesy of the Grey's Anatomy Facebook page.


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