The Mindy Project: Medically Blonde

The Mindy Project returned last night with a new episode for the new year. All is now right in the world.

I love The Mindy Project team for coming right back in the first week of January, instead of waiting until the end of the month like our friends over at ABC (ahem, Shonda).

Last night's episode was titled "Stanford" and chronicled Mindy's first days at her new fellowship. Danny flies out to California with Mindy to help her get settled.

I crack up when the writers play the "Danny is an old man" card, like when he manages to get more sky miles by complaining that the airline inconvenienced him by changing the gate for his flight.

When Mindy learns who is running her fellowship program, it turns out to be a friend of Danny's from medical school. He offers to put in a good word for Mindy and she resists. Danny asks, "Why not? You love nepotism." Ha!

That evening, Mindy shows up to the fellowship orientation meeting in a skin tight, hot pink dress. Her program leader ostracizes her in front of the class and smirks, "Regardless of what Medically Blonde here thinks, this is a very rigorous program."

To smooth things over, Mindy invites program director Rob on a double date with her and Danny. Danny tries to make Mindy more likable by saying she's the best surgeon in their practice. Rob fires back, "Really? She has the energy of a PR woman for an alcohol brand." As someone who works in PR, that line killed me.

Back in New York, Morgan and Tamra are sparring in a charity basketball game. Tamra's team's entrance was legendary. Not only did their team shirts read, "Morgan's worst nightmare," but they came out to DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win" (which is a fantastic pump up song). I like the dynamic of Tamra realizing the error of her ways and trying to win back Morgan's affection.

I am so happy Mindy and the gang are back! I missed them over the break. I can't wait to see what hilarity ensues as Danny and Mindy try to survive a long distance relationship.

Tell me, what was your favorite moment of last night's episode?

*Image courtesy of The Mindy Project Facebook page.


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