Holiday Gift Guide: For The BFF

Guys, I have to tell you, I have been loving putting together these gift guides. I was talking about it with a friend yesterday (who also blogs) and she said, "I love gift guides, but I am always my guide's biggest customer!" Ummm, guilty.

Today we're chatting about gifts for your BFF. I'm talking about the girl who takes your late night drunk/crying phone calls, agrees to be your plus one to events, tells you when your outfit choices are seriously misguided and takes your phone out of your hand when you're about to text you know who.

This first item is for all the teachers out there. I have so many friends who are teachers, school psychologists or guidance counselors and what do they need? These ridiculously awesome pencils. Each pencil has a saying on it like "Too legit to quit" or "Make it a Venti."

Next, a tank top for the BFF who screams along with you to every word of "Love on Top." This gem is sold on

Is your bestie obsessed with her birthday? No? That's just me? Well if she is, I love this calendar necklace from Charm & Chain. It comes in silver, gold or rose gold and you can select the birthstone.


Also in the birthday category is this zodiac necklace from C. Wonder (pictured below is my sign, Libra). I like that the design is simple, but the crystals take it up a notch.

While on the subject of jewelry, this three tiered jewelry tower will look beautiful on your BFF's dresser or vanity. I personally like this bird motif, but there are many other choices.

Now, I have saved the best for last. By far!

I found this pillow on a friend's blog and it's safe to say that we all have at least one BFF who is the perfect recipient for this plush square of encouragement.

It's just too good.

Those are my picks for your best gal pal. I hope they gave you some fun, new ideas.

Tell me, where do you shop for your BFF?


i'm loving all your guides, molls!! not only is MY christmas list growing, but i'm DEFINITELY buying the "be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins" pouch for all my bakers this year. thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

Omg, I love that pillow!

I just ordered 2 sets of those pencils to give out to my friends (teachers) at work! Thanks Molly! ps when are you visiting me in nyc? i miss you!!!

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