Dining Out: Flour Bakery & Cafe

Today's post is going to be the last of 2014. For the final post of the year, it seemed only right to share with you something that has been on my Boston bucket list for years.

After much anticipation, I made my first ever trip to Flour Bakery & Cafe. For those who aren't familiar, Flour is owned by renowned Boston pastry chef Joanne Chang. Joanne is also part of the husband/wife duo who run the incredible Asian restaurant Myers + Chang in the South End (you can read my review here).

It was a crisp December morning the day of our visit. Since I was coming from Watertown and my brunch date was coming from Charlestown, we decided to meet at the Central Square location in Cambridge. Flour also has bakeries in Back Bay, the South End and Fort Point.

We picked the perfect time to arrive (just about 9:30am) because the line was short and there was still a prayer of snagging a seat in the dining room.

Since it was quite chilly outside, I wanted a hot drink to warm up. I chose the mulled apple cider and it was delicious. It tasted like the cider you buy fresh from an apple orchard, layered with all those warm New England spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Though we were at a bakery and fighting the urge to order all pastries and desserts, it was still breakfast time, so we each started with something savory.

My brunch date ordered the Flour breakfast sandwich. It was arugula, an egg patty, a slice of cheese, three perfectly cooked strips of bacon, a juicy red tomato and a schmear of aioli.

Once she had finished the sandwich, I asked for her thoughts. "Well, the bread was delicious and that aioli was definitely the best part. I was a little surprised to see they use an egg patty instead of a fried egg. The texture of an egg patty always weirds me out."

For my savory item, I went with the toast special. It was a crusty piece of bread topped with goat cheese, sour cherries and arugula.

This might seem like an odd flavor combination, but it was actually super tasty. I loved the creamy cheese paired with the tart cherries and the peppery arugula. The best part is, this is a recipe you can 100 percent make at home.

We also ordered a side of home fries, which were dusted with za'atar and aleppo. Each potato had a great kick to it, but I still felt like they needed ketchup.

And now, for the grande finale, Flour's signature sticky bun. Look at that thing!

The bun was drenched in caramel and topped with chopped nuts, giving each bite the sensations of sweet, sticky and crunchy. I absolutely could have eaten this entire bun by myself.

Over the years I have heard so many rave reviews about Flour's sweets and let me tell you, they definitely live up to the hype!

When we were ready to leave (around 11:00am) the line was snaking through the bakery and out the door. There was also a line to sit. As such, we had to bob and weave our way to the exit.

For my next visit, I want to come after dinner and sample my way though as many chocolate desserts as I can handle.

Have you been to Flour Bakery & Cafe? What treat is your favorite?


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