Dining Out: Farmers Fishers Bakers

There are no sweeter words than, "All you can eat brunch." If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I live for brunch. When I was in Washington D.C. over Columbus Day weekend, my friend made us a reservation at a place called Farmers Fishers Bakers in Georgetown.

It was a cold and rainy day, but even through the sheets of rain I could tell how lovely their outdoor patio would be in the warm weather.

On the outside, the sign over the door is very unassuming.

On the inside however, the revolving door is topped with a giant sculpture of a bull. Farm themed indeed!

We were ushered straight to a cozy booth where we met our waiter, who was awesome. He walked us through the entire brunch menu and what exactly they mean by "all you can eat."

The buffet menu (more on that in a minute) was enormous!

We began our feast with the complimentary plate of biscuits and cinnamon rolls. Yes, people, that's a thing.

The biscuits, or the "Heavenly Fluffy Biscuits" as they are listed on the menu, are exactly that! They are lightly toasted on the outside and warm and cloud-like on the inside. They are served with an ice cream scoop of butter and a dollop of fresh fruit jam.

Remember when I was talking about the ideal cinnamon roll last Friday when I reviewed the Hotel Tabard Inn brunch? Well, the cinnamon rolls at Farmers Fishers Bakers are the type of cinnamon rolls you dream about - perfectly puffed up, bursting with cinnamon flavor and drizzled with never ending frosting.

After nibbling on our pastries, we headed to the buffet.

With plates in hand, we explored the offerings. On the breakfast side they had yogurt topped with granola.

I was wowed by the beautiful presentation of this bruleed grapefruit. It was crystalized on the top from the torch!

Moving to the savory items, there was a long table with salads, chopped veggies and dips.

Want guacamole with your brunch? How about a batch made right before your very eyes?

For all you meat eaters, there were also trays of fried chicken, meatballs, jambalaya and more.

Though we weren't quite ready for dessert during round one, we had to at least peek. Look at all those treasures!

The dessert spread was really quite magnificent. Candied orange, anyone?

They also had little petite bags of flavored popcorn.

For my first plate, I tried the veggie egg scramble, the cheesy grits, two roasted potatoes, a spoonful of kale salad and flatbread crisps with pimento cheese dip.

I wanted to marry that pimento cheese dip! Holy yum!

My brunch date also went for the pimento cheese dip, the kale and the grits, but she added rice and beans and a taco that was stuffed with Bloody Mary marinated chicken. I would give up my vegetarianism to try something called Bloody Mary marinated chicken.

While we were dining, our waiter noticed we had devoured the biscuits and cinnamon rolls so he offered to bring us more. Within minutes this plate appeared. Jackpot!

For round two at the buffet, I snagged more pimento dip and decided to try the guacamole and corn chips.

My friend wanted a smidge more grits and then had the yogurt with granola, the cucumber salad, the long grain rice, a honey pot fried chicken wing and some grilled thick cut bacon.

She was beyond stoked about the bacon.

At this point, after two cinnamon rolls, two buffet plates and a biscuit a piece, we were about ready to burst.

Before heading out, we popped into the ladies room which was surprisingly beautiful.

Outside the bathrooms is a shower and bathtub and they actually have the water running, like a decorative fountain.

Inside they have the most gorgeous mirrors, wrapped with round crystals.

They have true vanity mirrors, studded with classic round light bulbs.

The coolest part was the art installation on the ceiling that carries through each stall.

Don't worry, they aren't real bees!

Our whole experience at Farmers Fishers Bakers was A+. From the cozy booth to the fabulous waiter to the cinnamon rolls and the table after table of incredible buffet choices. This would be an excellent place to come with a big group because there is something for everyone and they don't rush you at all.

As an added bonus, when we finished our meal we were just steps from the center of Georgetown and spent the next two hours shopping. A perfect vacation morning!

Do you have a favorite spot for all you can eat brunch?



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