Grey's Anatomy: Maggie vs. Meredith

People often ask me, "Why are you still watching Grey's Anatomy?" Well, I grew up with the Seattle Grace gang. They were there during my formative years in college, during my "who the hell am I?" years after graduation and have been a weekly constant in my hectic life for the past nine years. It's less about if I still like the show and more about loyalty.

Last night, season eleven premiered, picking up right where we left off last season. If you need a refresher, the bomb was dropped that Ellis Grey and the Chief had a daughter. Yes, that's right, this is the second surprise daughter in the series (Lexi Grey, anyone?).

In one of the opening scenes, the Chief is at an AA meeting speaking out the discovery of his daughter Maggie. As he's revealing the details, he spots Derek's sister at the back of the room. Whoops!

Two of the three major patient story lines this hour were about fathers. A dad who died when he fell off the roof trying to get his son's frisbee and a dad who wandered in the mountains for two months searching for his lost wife and daughter. Witnessing these two families fall apart, Derek makes the decision to turn down his Washington D.C. job offer and stay in Seattle. Surprise, surprise, Meredith is mad at him. He can't win!

Also this episode, Maggie (the surprise Grey sister) goes head to head with Meredith in the OR. After their screaming match, Maggie confides in the Chief, "I found my sister and I think I hate her. She's terrible!" You can tell the Chief wants to reveal his identity as her father, but she's too hysterical to handle the news.

While Meredith and Maggie face off, Bailey and Alex are preparing for their own battle as they duke it out for Cristina Yang's board seat.

My favorite moment of the entire episode was a conversation between Alex and Meredith:

Alex: Yang left me her shares and her board seat and she left me you too. It's just us now. If you need somebody to bitch to . . .
Meredith: Or be my person?
Alex: I don't know what you mean.
Meredith: But you do.

It is kind of crazy that they are the only two left of our original crew (no more Yang, George or Izzie).

Lastly, did anyone else find it weird that Geena Davis just appeared with no introduction? She literally walked right into a casual conversation in the hospital hallway with Arizona and Callie. Explanation please!

From the previews for next week it looks like we'll be getting a lot more Maggie vs. Meredith time. To that I say, who cares!

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That was my favorite moment too! (And I did think the Geena Davis part was weird.)

I love that you still watch too! I can't believe how much our original gang has dwindled.

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