Monday, August 18, 2014

Birthday Wish List: Cupcakes & Couture Glitter Glasses

Last year I celebrated my golden birthday (29 on the 29th) with a gold themed extravaganza (relive all the glitz here). Since then, I've had a thing for gold - gold dresses, gold shoes, gold jewelry, gold home decor - you name it, I've bought it.

This year, I've been sharing with you my weekly Birthday Wish List and it seemed only right to have at least one gold item.

Enter my friend Amy. You may know Amy from her awesome blog Cupcakes & Couture. In addition to sharing her outfits of the day, home design projects, recipes, inspirational quotes and oodles of cute pictures of her kitties, she also makes custom glitter wine glasses.

That's right, custom boozy bling.

Amy sells these glitter glasses in her Etsy shop and she can make red wine glasses, white wine glasses or champagne glasses. Actually, I recently overheard her say at an event, "Well, I can glitter anything really. Just ask!"

In honor of this year's Birthday Wish List series, Amy generously made me two sets of custom glasses. Naturally I photographed them in front of my golden birthday sign (yes, I've kept it up for 11 months).

The first pair are the signature Pop.Bop.Shop. purple (we'll get to the gold pair in a minute). Amy uses Martha Stewart glitter (only the best) and has twelve color options. This purple hue is called sugar plum.

As soon as I unwrapped the purple glasses I knew they would look perfect on my favorite gilded tray. I scooped up this puppy at West Elm by Fenway and I use it for all my awards show parties.

To up the fierceness, I paired the glasses with these hysterical napkins I found at T.J. Maxx in Assembly Square. Could these be more me?

And what could be more divalicious than Marilyn Monroe wine?

Now onto the golden goblets!

On my Cape Cod vacation, I stocked up on my favorite wines from Truro Vineyards, including this rose called Cape Blush. How beautiful is this lighthouse shaped bottle?

My cousin gave me these fun and flirty pink and gold polka dot coasters, which are a perfect match for the glasses.

The gold glasses really do go with everything. I also adore them paired with a new set of coral seersucker napkins I got for summer entertaining.

Once you own a set of these glasses, everyone will want to drink from one. So help tell whose glass is whose with personalized wine charms. I found these at the amazing kitchen store Le Roux in Portsmouth, NH.

Are you lusting for a set of your own glitter glasses?

Not only are these glasses gorgeous and fun, but they are very easy to care for. Just hand wash after each use and put them right back in the cabinet. Amy has sets that have lasted for years.

If you'd like to custom order your own set of glitter glasses, you can do that right here.

Catch up on the full Birthday Wish List series below:


  1. the glasses look so great in your home molly! i'm so happy you love them as much as i love making them :) happy early birthday!

  2. I love gold and glitter too! These are so adorable!


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