Birthday Wish List: Tote Bags As Gift Bags

This week marks the third installment of the weekly Birthday Wish List series. As those who read the blog regularly know, I am turning 30 this September (eeeek!). In preparation for the big day, I'm sharing with you my top picks for the perfect b-day gift.

Today's post is actually not about a gift idea, but rather a creative idea for wrapping. Rather than buying a lame bag and tissue paper at CVS or Target, my new go-to move is to gift birthday presents in tote bags. I have the best time searching for the perfect tote and then stuffing it with goodies.

So where do I find these gems? One of my favorite places to search is Etsy. The ExLibrisJournals shop has a huge selection of bags. You can customize one with the birthday girl's name:

You can toast to a day of poppin' bottles:

This one is my favorites because well, it's so true:

For the chef in your life, West Elm has hilarious foodie-themed totes. This one gets me every time:

Into super greens? Oh kale yeah.

I actually have a friend who cans and makes jam, so this one is a must!

Now some people plan trips for their 30th birthday and if that's the case, order one of these CABOCADO totes with the name of the upcoming destination.

Channel Lilly Pulitzer with this Nantucket tote:

Hop aboard the ferry to Martha's Vineyard:

Pack up a beach day's worth of treats for the birthday girl in this Cape Cod bag:

Now that you've seen a few examples, are you all aboard the tote bag train? I seriously can't stop doing this for family and friends. It makes every gift that much more fun to give.

What are your tips for personalizing a birthday gift?

*Images 1-3 courtesy of ExLibrisJournals, images 4-6 courtesy of West Elm and images 7-9 courtesy of CABOCADO


That Cape Cod bag is adorable!

Isn't it? I actually spotted it last year at the Atlantic Spice Co. in Truro.

omg that patios one. i know a lot of people who that would be perfect for :)

Right? I love that one so much.

I've actually never thought to wrap a gift in a bag that could be used for things other than another gift. These are adorable! I bet Etsy has some great Harry Potter themed ones too (because let's be serious, that's what I'm into).

Glad you like this idea! Etsy is a treasure trove. I haven't look for Harry Potter specifically, but I bet they have them.

I hate kale, ut the kale bag is funny! And all of them are cute. You can't ever have too many bags I always say.

The pantry in my kitchen is about 80% full of reusable bags and totes. I just love them!

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