Celebrate: Golden Globe Awards

I'm a creature of habit. Year after year I look forward to the same events, including the annual gatherings I host at my place. Since graduating from college I've held awards season viewing parties for everything from the Golden Globes to the Grammys to the Oscars to the Emmys. 

On Sunday morning I arrived fresh off the red eye for Los Angeles and got straight to work transforming my house for this year's Golden Globes. I dropped off my luggage and hopped in the car, making stops at Party City, Star Market and Baskin-Robbins (more on that last stop in a minute). 
In the living room I wanted to turn the coffee table into the ultimate movie snack bar with popcorn and candy galore. 
A few months ago my mom gave me these striped candy bowls and I hadn't found an occasion to use them. This was the perfect night to debut them! 
At Party City I bought these red, plastic popcorn holders which remind me of true concession stand popcorn. 
Though they aren't red or gold (my clear color scheme) I couldn't resist these light pink hydrangeas at Star Market. Fresh flowers make any tablescape feel more lively and beautiful.
A few feet away in the dining room I turned the table into a red carpet. A red table cloth set the scene for many other details.
Down the center of the table I sprinkled gold confetti stars. 
I had two candles glowing on the table, each with a golden base.
At one end of the table I had a drink station set up, complete with polka dot straws. I love paper straws. I have been using them at parties for the last few months. They are such an easy way to take it up a notch.
For all the food we'd be devouring I had Hollywood sign plates. These were paired with gold napkins. 
Even though the table cloth was already red, I added red forks, knives and spoons.
Across the table I set up an ice cream tray for the very special Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month we'd be indulging in after dinner. All the bowls in my kitchen are white or blue and I felt that just wouldn't do for this occasion, so I found these red ones at Party City. Coincidentally, my ice cream scoop is also red. 
While in Los Angeles I visited an amazing artisan chocolate store called Compartes and brought back a few varieties for the girls to enjoy. The first was a chocolate bar called Golden Gatsby. It is salted caramel and dark chocolate.
The Old Hollywood bar is smoked sea salt and dark chocolate.
How beautiful are these wrappers?
In addition to the bars, I picked out a box of vanilla bean truffles in tuxedos. If only George Clooney also came in this box! 
After decorating in the living room and dining room, I wanted to add some sparkle to one more space - the bathroom. My friend and party planner extraordinare, Dustin, taught me to never forget the bathroom. He always says, "Give it a spa make over. It's totally unexpected." 
With that in mind, I put red and clear stones in the sink.
I also added apple red soap and lotion to the counter and a stack of gold lace napkins. 
The ladies came over at 7:00pm for the red carpet and the show began at 8:00pm. Around 9:30pm we were ready for dessert. I had been very generously given the opportunity to treat to my guests to Baskin-Robbins' January flavor of the month, Movie Theater Popcorn. 
They selected the flavor in honor of awards season and it's described as, "Popcorn-flavored ice cream and butter popcorn crisp pieces, wrapped together with a salty caramel ribbon." 
I scooped a bowl for each girl and we anxiously dipped in our spoons. 
I found the ice cream itself actually tasted more like egg nog. The popcorn pieces reminded me of the cereal Corn Pops. Remember that cereal? In the big yellow box? The salted caramel swirl is what makes the flavor. It's creamy, salty, decadent and delicious! 
All the girls agreed the flavor was surprisingly yummy and an adorable offering for awards season. 
Lucky for me, even after everyone had a full bowl, there were still a few scoops left for me to enjoy later in the week! 
Now, it would be selfish of me to talk about this ice cream and not give you any. 
Thanks to the great people at Baskin-Robbins, you can enter to win a $31 dollar gift card (in honor of 31 Baskin-Robbins flavors) by leaving a comment on this post telling me what you love most about awards season. 
This Baskin-Robbins gift card giveaway will be open until Thursday January 16th at 11:59pm EST. 
Just when you thought the first week of awards season couldn't get any more exciting. 


The best thing about awards season are the recaps the next night on Fashion Police.

First of all, I really enjoyed that flavor - delicious. What I most enjoy about awards season is the anticipation of what everyone is going to wear. Who's going to show up frumpy? Who is going a bit risque? Who took a chance on color? Etc.

How fun! You're such a great host! Those Compartes chocolates sound ridiculously good. One of my favorite thing about awards season are the gorgeous dresses!

Moll! This is beautiful. And when I finally have a grown-up (read: not rented) apartment, I will never forget Dustin's tip about the bathroom.

For the contest... My favorite part of awards seasons is the whole experience of sitting in sweatpants and pigging out on junk food, while yelling at the TV, "Ew! she looks gross! Look at that hideous $5,000 dress!" It's so ironic :)

I like awards shows because I like the see celebrities have fun like they do at the golden globes.

Your place and your themes for parties are the BEST. Some day I hope to own a place like yours!

The opening monologues take the cake (or ice cream) for me!

Tina and Amy being on TV obviously

I love making my picks, especially when it's in friendly competition to see who had the best predictions :)

Seriously, this post made me miss everything about you and Boston. You're such a wonderful party planner! :-)

Delmer Viramontes's picture

I love to celebrate this type of events.

yosung Dokgo's picture

Thank you for very good information. Please continue to work hard in the future!! We are looking forward to it, and beware of coronavirus!!


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