Dining Out: Kaspia Bar

Yesterday I shared with you my glorious morning at the Galeries Lafayette, staring at the Christmas windows, being mesmerized by the six story tall sparkling tree and lusting after floor after floor of designer duds.

To cap off our time at the Galeries Lafayette, we decided to have lunch at the champagne and caviar bar called Kaspia.

Just like the rest of the mall, the Kaspia Bar drips decadence.

Every seat in the bar has a beautiful view of the stunning Christmas tree and the mall's balconies which remind me of the balconies of the Wang Center in Boston.

Though we did not partake in the caviar, I was highly amused that it had its own section of the menu.

To begin, we both ordered lemonade which turned out to be sparkling lemonade. Only the most luxurious lemonade, but of course!

Our waiter then brought us each a roll of bread. The rolls were firm on the outside, but doughy on the inside (the best kind).

My travel buddy ordered the Caesar salad with crab. She said, "This felt more like a chopped salad than a Caesar salad and I wish there had been more crab."

I ordered the Caesar salad with chicken and then just removed the chicken. Our waiter didn't speak much English and I hadn't yet mastered how to explain my vegetarian preferences in French.

It was true that both our salads were advertised as Caesar, but also had hard boiled eggs, green beans and tomato wedges. Confusing, but much heartier than a traditional Caesar.

Since we were already on such an indulgent kick, we decided to share one of Kaspia's rich desserts and went for the chocolate mousse cake. The mousse itself was encapsulated by jagged pieces of dark chocolate and one lone piece of white chocolate.

Once we got through the chocolate wall to the cake, it was very dense. The chocolate mousse had a kick to it, almost like Mexican chocolate.

Dining at Kaspia Bar felt so festive. We had a great view of the world's most beautiful Christmas tree, the surprise and delight of fizzy lemonade, huge salads topped with goodies and of course, the chocolate confection at the end. It was the perfect way to end this part of our Parisian adventure.

In the next post I'll tell you about the restaurant gem we discovered on one very rainy walk home from the Eiffel Tower.


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