Dining Out: Breizh Cafe

I am continually impressed by the power of the internet. I can Skype with my family and friends in Israel, watch my baby cousin in Florida learn to walk on FaceTime and get a recommendation for the best crepe place in Paris on Instagram.

While on vacation in Paris I was regularly sharing photos of our adventure on Instagram. A college friend of mine who lived in France for a few years saw the photos and commented on one, "Get galettes (savory crepes) at Breizh Cafe with some cider." Having seen her make delicious meals out of dining hall scraps for four years, I knew her food recommendation would be spot on.

So, on our Sunday morning in Paris we woke up and walked from our hotel by the Louvre to an area called the Marais.

Breizh Cafe is located on a main street amidst many other restaurants and shops. Their store front was decorated for Christmas with garlands, a mini tree and festive white lights.

Inside the cafe it was very warm and cozy. The light wooden walls made it feel like you were underground, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy street outside.

The open kitchen is right by the front door and you can see crepes coming flying over the counter the minute they're ready.

We were seated immediately and given a menu that was in French, English and Japanese.

Per my friend's suggestion, we each ordered a glass of cider. I will never forget what happened next. My travel buddy took a sip, winced and blurted out, "This tastes like bandaids." It still makes me cackle, even now, three weeks later.

I also thought the cider had a strange taste to it, but I felt like it tasted more like a hint of fragrant cheese. Either way, I didn't take more than two sips.

For brunch, my friend decided on the nordic crepe which was filled with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. She commented, "The smoked salmon was so delicious, but I wish there had been another ingredient, like a vegetable, to add more depth."

 I went with the maircherie crepe which was stuffed with veggies, gruyere cheese and a sunny side up egg. How good does that look?

Both of our crepes came in a buckwheat batter. The crepes I've had in America come in a sweeter wrapping, so adjusting to this savory taste was a bit harder than I thought.

Naturally we also had to have a sweet crepe. I was fantasizing about a chocolate and strawberry crepe when I heard my friend say to the waiter, "We'll have one with apples and caramel."

When the dessert crepe arrived I thought it was topped with ice cream, but it was actually two very generous dollops of whipped cream.

The crepe was stuffed with apple sauce and drizzled with a criss cross of caramel. Though I normally hate fruit desserts, this was unbelievable. After just one bite I was in heaven.

Though caramel sauce can be heavy, too thick or too sugary, this version was superb.

So good in fact, the plate looked like after 60 seconds:

After nearly licking the plate clean, our waiter brought us our check in a tiny blond wood basket with two caramel candies anchoring the check.

I hoped to have at least one crepe during my time and Paris and thanks to that one Instagram comment, I had two of the best in the city!

Visit Breizh Cafe at 109 Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France, 75003.


Welcome to the miracle of salty butter caramel! Not to sugary, and 100% divine!

It was so good! I need it here on all my ice cream sundaes.

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