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About a year ago I discovered Bauble Bar via my friend Jessica's blog, Bows & Sequins. It seemed every time I was loving a piece of jewelry in her outfit posts it was always from Bauble Bar.

Curious about the brand, I signed up for their emails. I didn't realize I was signing up to be tempted every single day.

In addition to their usual promotional emails with new products, Bauble Bar also features what they call guest bartenders. They invite in tastemakers to curate a collection. Recently they featured my friend Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion and NYC fashion blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific.

For holiday, What Not To Wear's Stacy London is the guest bartender!

After browsing for a nearly a year, I finally decided to bite the bullet and order some bling for myself. When the box arrived to my house and I cut it open, I smiled when I discovered the packaging was hot pink, black and zebra print!

Each piece is protected by a black suede pouch with red stitching.

At the bottom of the box there was a postcard encouraging customers to share their #BaubleBar style on Instagram. As a marketer, I have to give them mad props for that inclusion. Very smart.

For my first ever Bauble Bar piece I chose the fire opal collar.

I think this will be an excellent statement piece to wear to all the weddings I have coming up. It could also be amazing with a white collared shirt and jeans.

I also ordered something for my sister as a surprise at her bachelorette party. She explicitly told me no tiara, no sash, no penis paraphernalia, so instead I thought this necklace would be perfect for the big night out of her bachelorette weekend.

I can't wait to see her face when I give it to her.

Preparing to write this post, I wanted to pick five to ten items to highlight for you to show you why Bauble Bar is so great, but honestly, I couldn't even narrow it down to twenty. Take a look through the site and start building your collection.

Not only are the Bauble Bar pieces amazingly fun and celebratory, but they are affordable. Nearly the entire site is under $50 dollars.

Get your bling on here.


Gorgeous choice Molly! You are one of the best accessorizers I know!!!

Why thank you!

love that "happy" necklace! it's so lanvin!
i hope your sis isn't sneaking a peek at your blog and seeing her gift before the bash!


Isn't it fab? My sister never checks the blog. She only reads when I send her specific links. Sad, but true!

Oh No... consider me addicted already. You know me and my statement earrings... I'm in trouble. And they gave me a 15% off coupon for my first order?!? Hold.Me.Back.

I know! Aren't they amazing? They treat their customers so well. It is totally addicting. I check at least once a week.

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