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Tonight at 9:30pm ET on FOX season two of "The Mindy Project" will premiere starring my spirit animal, Mindy Kaling.

In case you missed my review, I developed a serious girl crush on Mindy after reading her book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" After reading the autobiography I realized that minus the fact that I'm not Indian, Mindy and I are basically the same person.

Allow me to explain. Mindy and I both:

  • Grew up in quiet suburbs of Boston
  • Idolize Matt Damon and Ben Affleck 
  • Fantasize about a romantic comedy-like ending to our dating life
  • Have a serious online shopping problem
  • Believe shoes and jewelry are critical components to any outfit 

For further evidence, take a look at the photos she's shared this week on Instagram:

New York City, handbags, bling and custom manicures? I mean, come on.

The very best photo (below) has a caption that reads, "You gotta edit in Valentino booties or why did you u even get into this game?" Preach!

I think these similarities with Mindy are what makes me love her TV show so much. I just honestly feel like she gets me.

When we left off at the end of season one, Mindy was headed to Haiti with her minister boyfriend. Personally, I'd like to see her dump Casey and release some of that sexual tension between her and Danny.

Anyone else rooting for the same?

*All images courtesy of @MindyKaling


Here's what I love about Mindy... She's a normal size girl. She clearly eats more than a stick of celery every day and I appreciate that. She can be awkward and make it work to her advantage.

I love the Mindy project! Tuesday's episode had me laughing out loud within the first 2 minutes (Morgan is ridiculous). I'm also obsessed with Valentino shoes :)

Bianca - Of course you share my love of Mindy! She loves everything we love.

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