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Happy Friday everyone! 

Do you remember that scene in "Legally Blonde" when Reese Witherspoon's character, Elle Woods, arrives at Harvard and is totally dismayed by her new situation and the only thing that will make her feel better is a manicure? That's how I feel about getting my nails done. 
After a long work day, you come into the salon feeling tired and you leaving feeling gorgeous. Or on the day of a big event, you come in nervous and anxious and you leaving feeling like a million bucks. 
There is no other salon in Boston that helps you to transform as well as MiniLuxe. I visited for the first time at their Newbury Street location as part of a bridal party. They welcomed us and gave us the star treatment, which I quickly noticed is actually how they treat everyone. 
MiniLuxe has seven locations around Massachusetts - Boston, Brookline, Chestnut Hill, Hingham, Lexington, Newton and Wellesley. Each one gives the same marvelous level of service and is freakishly clean. In fact, on their brochure they've printed, "Clean freaks are us. Call us crazy, but good hygiene actually inspires us!" My kind of people. 
Given my love for their salons, imagine my surprise and delight when the MiniLuxe team asked if I'd like to review their line of nail polish. This offer could not have come at a better time, as I was preparing for a week long beach vacation on Cape Cod. 
The package arrived the night before I left for the Cape and on the first night in our rental house I retrieved it from my bag and offered to share the wealth my mom and my sister. Their eyes widened and they flew over to the gift box to check out the colors.
MiniLuxe sent their entire spring collection and I was genuinely excited about each and every color. 
My sister, a former art student at the Savannah College of Art Design, offered to be our nail painter. We set up a mini salon on the kitchen island and she got to work. 
My mom was the first to sit in the chair and chose the light pink called called Corey. 
This color is named after a MiniLuxe customer, Corey Greene, who won a social media contest on the MiniLuxe Facebook page and now has a color named after her! 
While painting, my sister commented, "I really love the size of these bottles. They are so easy to hold."
As she painted with the Corey color, she admitted, "This light color does show every stroke. It's not very forgiving, making it hard to hide imperfections." 
Despite the trickiness of painting with the light color, the finished product was excellent! 
I was next and surprise, surprise, I chose the hot pink color. This color is called Hingham, which had me feel more luxurious already. 
After the first coat my sister remarked, "This polish dries very quickly. It seems to be drying matte, which makes it easier to apply a second coat." 
We did notice that this color, specifically, is quite translucent. Even after two coats you could still see the white of my nails through the paint. 
Regardless, I loved the final look. I actually felt like I had more energy once I was sporting the hot pink Hingham. 
Rounding out the trio, my sister went for a teal color called Lucky. A perfect choice for her as she just got engaged and this color would show off her gorgeous engagement ring. Lucky, indeed! 
After the first coat, she decided the color was very saturated and she wouldn't need a second coat. Bonus! 
As she finished her second hand she said, "I love the way these brushes fan out. The polish goes on so smoothly." 
At the end of our session all three of us were loving our manicures and feeling ready for a fantastic vacation week. The perfect way to kick off our seven days in the sun. 
Thank you to MiniLuxe for these fabulous polish colors and to my mom and sister for posing patiently as I staged their hands and made them hold still in between every coat. 
If you'd like to own these colors yourself, visit any MiniLuxe location. In addition to polish they also sell flip flips, toiletry and makeup bags and much more. On my last visit I almost walked out with two makeup bags and a new pair of flops. 
Find the MiniLuxe nearest you right here.

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