Explore: "Share The Love" With Good Humor and Pedro Martinez

Today will henceforth be known as, "The day I interviewed Pedro Martinez."

About two weeks ago I was invited to join Pedro and the team from Good Humor to kick off their "Share the Love" campaign. To celebrate their love for Beantown, Good Humor will surprise and delight Bostonians all summer long by giving away thousands of delicious frozen treats at some of the city's best events. Pedro will serve as host and ice cream man!

Today "Share the Love" made its first stop at Copley Place. I had the honor of interviewing Pedro before he was descended upon by hundreds of adoring fans.

In the days leading up to this event, I found myself getting increasingly nervous. What do you ask a Major League Baseball legend and one of the most iconic players in Red Sox history?

All of my guy friends had very strong opinions about what I should ask. When it finally came time for me to chat with Pedro in person, here's how it went down:

PBS: There must be countless companies and brands who would like to partner with you. Why did you choose the "Share the Love" campaign with Good Humor? 

Pedro: Because of the meaning of it. It's humor, it's sharing love, it's unity, and this is perfect for Boston right now. I believe I am a Bostonian and I feel in my heart that Boston needs stuff like this. That's why I do it.

PBS: You said you feel like a Bostonian at heart, what is it that you love so much about this city?

Pedro: It's that the city embraces me and makes me feel like I'm at home. Every time I come here I feel safe to walk, safe to do, safe to eat. Everywhere I go is love. Who could run away from that?

PBS: Since I write about food, I have to know, if you could only eat at one restaurant in Boston, what would be your top pick?

Pedro: Wow! That is so hard. There are so many good restaurants in Boston. If I have to choose, I would probably choose, Smith & Wollensky. I also like Morton's. I like all the seafood places too.

PBS: I have to ask, what do you think about the idea of a new Fenway Park? Do you want the city to keep it or build a brand new stadium?

Pedro: No no no! Negative! Fenway remains Fenway. That's a legacy. We have to keep it the same way it is. I know that it takes a lot of work to keep it looking good, but we have to keep Fenway. No new stadium!

PBS: So there you have it! Pedro considers himself a Bostonian, he loves steak and he wants Fenway to stay the same forever.

We had the interview inside the Good Humor truck and afterward, Pedro was kind enough to pose for a few photos with me. Sadly, the lighting inside the truck wasn't very conducive to glamour shots.

The Good Humor truck was parked outside of Copley Place, in the plaza on Dartmouth Street. What a view!

I absolutely love the campaign logo on the side of the truck.

The event started with the Good Humor team handing out ice cream while Pedro met with media.

Once people heard Pedro was inside the truck, the line started to get longer and longer.

Pretty soon the whole plaza with full of people on their lunch break fascinated by what was going on.

The crowd erupted with happiness when Pedro finished his interviews and slid over to the truck window to start handing out treats. He was such a ham!

After a stint at the window, Pedro came out into the crowd for pictures. He took pictures with every single fan. He signed autographs and he genuinely smiled and laughed the entire time. He definitely knows how to "Share the Love!"

If you missed Pedro at Copley Place today, fear not! Pedro and the Good Humor team will be making stops at the following places this summer:

- Free Friday Flicks at the Hatch Shell (Fridays, weekly, beginning in July) 

- Harborfest Sampling Days at City Hall Plaza (July 3rd & July 7th)

- Fisherman's Feast in the North End (August 15th - 18th) 

Pedro and the Good Humor truck will also be making some spontaneous stops throughout the summer, so be sure to follow @GoodHumor on Twitter to see if they are coming your way.

Thank you to Pedro and the Good Humor team for an amazing morning. I am definitely feeling the love!


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