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Yesterday I was up in Portsmouth, NH, my second trip so far this spring. You may remember I made a trip in March to dine at Moxy. During that trip someone recommended to my friend and I that we visit a store called Pickwick's Mercantile. By the time we made our way down there, they were already closed for the day!

On yesterday's journey we were determined to get there and let me tell you, we were not disappointed!

Pickwick's feels like something out of Harry Potter. It's magical and whimsical and oh so British!

It was love at first sight when I saw their candy pink window display.

Their decor really channels the British, like this message of warning on one of the store's two big ladders or these flags accenting a children's toy display.

The store is full of teeny tiny treasures, like these pouches of tea.

While on the subject of tea, Pickwick's sells these adorable mini tea sets, perfect for doll houses. I grew up with a spectacular doll house (when your dad is an architect, you get to pick wall paper, tile and carpet) and seeing these tiny tea cups brought back such happy memories.

At the back of the store is the most fabulously staged area that shows off bags, jewelry and toys.

As you wind your way to the other side of the store, you walk through the perfumes, soaps and potpourris.

I loved these wax tiles that you hang in your closet to keep it smelling wonderful. Those are dried roses!

Even the packaging is beautiful.

I was also drawn to all the perfume bottles. Check out the racy one in the front right corner.

After the bath and body section, you arrive at the books. The packed shelves include gems like, "Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brûlée - How A Founding Father And His Slave James Hemings Introduced French Cuisine To America."

There were also guides to local farmer's markets, as well as guides to the markets in Paris.

Once you've browsed the books, you find yourself back at the beginning. The cash register at the front of the store is covered in candy! We've left Harry Potter for Willy Wonka!

There is so much to love about Pickwick's Mercantile, but my favorite thing isn't actually any item on the store floor, it's the ceiling.

Just like a circus tent, Pickwick's ceiling gives you that sense that you're about to experience awe and wonder.

I lied. I actually have two favorite things about the store, the second being that the entire 15 minutes we were in there they were only playing songs from Disney movies. Oh yes, there was singing.

Pickwick's Mercantile is a great shopping destination for adults and kids alike. Like them on Facebook and visit the store in person at 64 State Street, Portsmouth, NH, 03801.


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