Grey's Anatomy: The Perfect Storm

I can't believe we are already at the season finale of Grey's! Now the terrible summer TV begins. Ugh.

I think show creator Shonda Rhimes has a thing for dark and twisted story lines. She likes us to be in agony.

I spent the back 30 minutes of tonight's episode on the edge of the couch, with my hands over my mouth, muttering, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." Shonda! Why do you do this to me?

The hour begins with Meredith narrating and saying that doctors talk about medical scenarios where absolutely everything goes wrong as "the perfect storm." She then continues, "I never thought it would happen to me."

The doctors of Grey-Sloan are scrambling as the storm rages outside and the power is out in the hospital. Bailey is asked to scrub in with the Chief and she falls apart. Meanwhile, upstairs Arizona realizes that most of her NICU equipment has a red light flashing indicating low battery. But there are no batteries.

Arizona says to Jo and Karev, "Keep the tiny human makers happy, otherwise there will be mutiny and we are out numbered." That scene reminded me of when Arizona first arrived at that hospital. Remember her wheely sneakers?

Down the hall Meredith needs a C-section. To calm her down Cristina says, "It's just a C, a moron could do it." The OBGYN didn't seem to like that comment!

Once Meredith is on the table Derek whispers to the OB, "Don't mess this up." To which she coldly replies, "Sit. Down."

The baby arrives and doesn't cry at first. But when he does and Derek holds him, he's perfect. Major sigh of relief from the couch!

Back in the ER the doctors witness a bus fly by the windows and burst into flames. They all run toward it (which I would never do. I would be running the other way).

Karev and Arizona are in the supply closet together when Arizona blurts out, "I cheated on my wife." Karev tries to make her feel better by sharing, "Everyone I love turns out to be crazy or mean or cancery or leaves. The one thing all those women have in common is me. They were all fine until they met me." Awwww, Alex.

Back at the NICU, one of the parents notices the red light and figures out it means low battery. He's about to organize the mutiny when Jo steps up and teaches all of the parents how to manually ventilate their babies.

In the OR, the Chief has a teaching moment with Cristina. Though they are operating in the dark, he tells her to listen for the bleed, not look for it. She does and feels triumphant when she saves the patient.

Meredith should be done with her C-section, but Shane finds a bleed in her abdomen. They discover it's her spleen. While on the table, she instructs Shane what to do. She also says to him, "After nine minutes, do not revive me. I don't want to be a vegetable. Also, I know the baby's name." Then they put the mask over her face and we have no idea what she wants to name the baby!

Worried about Meredith, Brooks runs to get Dr. Bailey who is busy smashing the hell out of a medicine cabinet. That was scary.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Hunt are in the flaming bus, searching for a little girl. Jackson finds her and tries to save her as the bus ignites and explodes. Horrified, Kepner runs toward the flames and Matthew (her EMT fiancé) has to restrain her. Awkward.

Jackson eventually emerges with the daughter. Phew! Kepner then shoves Jackson and screams, "You could have died!"

Cristina and Derek are waiting outside of Meredith's OR and Cristina assures a worried Derek, "She has survived a bomb, a drowning, a gun man and a plane crash and she's still here." I forgot about the drowning!

Now we get to the tough moments of the episode.

Callie discovers Dr. Boswell wearing Arizona's scrub top with her wedding ring pinned to it. You can tell Callie knows immediately what that means. It's all over her face. This leads to a heated fight between Callie and Arizona where Arizona finally admits she still blames Callie for the loss of her leg. She shouts, "You weren't there! You weren't on the freaking plane! I trusted you more than anyone and you chose to cut my leg off." This is not good.

Another heated conversation is happening in the ER when Kepner busts into Jackson's room, "I want you, Jackson. I want you. I haven't been fair to you, I know. When that bus exploded and I thought you were gone . . ." He then interrupts her, "April, you're getting married." She suggests, "Unless you can give me a reason not to . . ." Oh, this is so good!

Owen and Cristina are also at a crossroads. She asks him, "Do you know how much I love you? Do you feel pure joy with just me? Am I enough? Do you really believe I'll be enough?" Owen hesitates. She walks out.

Alex finally tells Jo he loves her. Commence passionate make out!

Meredith and Derek decide to name their baby boy Bailey. Cute! Just like when Bailey named her son after George.

The final moments of the episode show the Chief laying on the floor of the electrical room, presumably shocked by the switch. Then I felt like crying.

Now we wait until September to find out what happens! What did you think of tonight's episode? Will Arizona and Callie call it quits? Will Kepner leave Matthew for Jackson? Will Karev and Jo be good for each other or turn toxic? Let's hear it!

*Image courtesy of TV Fanatic.

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