Grey's Anatomy: Mother's Intuition

Hi friends! After three weeks of non-stop traveling, I am finally back home and on the couch ready to watch this week's Grey's Anatomy. I went from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale to Miami to New York and I can't wait to share all of my adventures with you. But for now, off to Seattle!

On tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy Sarah Chalke of Scrubs fame guest starred. She plays a mother whose son has mysterious symptoms that no one is taking seriously. Eventually, Meredith believes her and admits her son.

After rounds and rounds of tests, Meredith discovers the young boy doesn't have strep throat, he has Kawasaki disease. That realization inspires Meredith to want to learn everything about her own medical history and Zola's medical history. She approaches Dr. Bailey, and her new genome project, asking Bailey to map both of them. I whimpered a little when Meredith said, "I want to know if I'm going to get Alzheimer's."

Across the hospital, Kepner is taking care of a pregnant woman. She winds up needing an emergency delivery. After the baby is born, the patient's husband arrives. While he can hold his newborn, he can't see his wife, who is still in surgery.

His wife winds up passing away on the table. Kepner becomes overwhelmed with grief and sobs uncontrollably on Jackson's shoulder. For a minute there it looked like they were going to kiss! It is clear those two are still thinking about each other.

Kepner's boyfriend, EMT Matthew, was also admitted to the hospital after he threw his body in front of a fire to save a young boy. Of course he did! Later on in the day he tells April that he loves her. She basically has a non-verbal response.

Also this hour, Owen takes a strange interest in Ethan, a young boy whose parents have been admitted to the ER. Why was Owen so invested in this random kid? Also, why are Owen and Cristina only getting cuter together? I feel like a broken record, but I hate that they are happiest now that they are divorced.

Two final, random comments: first, is it just me or was Brooks' hair shorter and more of a pixie cut this week? Second, how crazy was it to watch a man light on fire outside the ER doors?

In previews for next week, there is an outbreak in the hospital and no one is immune, not even our favorite docs. My skin is crawling already.

*Images courtesy of TV Fanatic.


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