Sugar Fix: Prohibition Bakery

During my exploration of the Lower East Side in New York City, my tour guide insisted we stop into a friend's new cupcake shop, Prohibition Bakery.

If you look closely on the shop's front door you can see the wooden sign on the door that says, "Sure." To my pleasant surprise on the other side of the door, the sign says, "Nope." What a fun rendition on the traditional "Open" sign. I love it!

The bakery is just one room with a small counter in front of the actual baking space. Don't be fooled by the size of the room, the owner told us some days they bake over 1,000 cupcakes!

In the front corner of the shop is a collection of black and white photos that are actual portraits of the co-founders' families. How sweet!

Prohibition Bakery's name is a nod to the special ingredient they include in every confection - booze.

The day we visited the shop the flavor choices were excellent. Everything from pretzels and beer to Irish car bombs.

The flavors of the day are showcased on a glass cake platter on the counter. The owner lifted the glass lid and showed us treat by treat, which flavor was which.

While trying to decide, we noticed a mason jar with cupcake wrappers on the counter. Apparently people buy these and just pop them right into their mouths.

Since the cupcakes are very small (about 1/3 the size of a regular cupcake) I decided to sample three different flavors.

Each box is labeled with an alcohol consumption warning.

I chose the dark and tawny, the hot buttered rum and the margarita.

The dark and tawny cupcake is tawny port, chocolate cake and chocolate frosting with espresso. You can taste the ground espresso beans in the frosting.

The hot buttered rum cupcake was the exact same flavor profile as a Werther's candy. It was uncanny!

Lastly, I had asked the owner if the margarita cupcake tasted like key lime and she said, "Oh no, it tastes undeniably like margarita." Well, I was right, it tasted like key lime.

Of all three flavors, the dark and tawny was definitely my favorite.

If you decide to take cupcakes to go, they come in this adorably branded box.

Visit Prohibition Bakery at 9 Clinton Street and be sure to follow them on Facebook, their page is fantastic.


OH MY YUM. Yes please.

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