Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dining Out: B Street

About once a month I find myself back in my old stopping grounds, Newton Centre. A few weeks ago I was meeting a friend in that neighborhood after her hair appointment and we didn't quite feel like our Newton Centre usuals - Union Street, Sol Azteca or Johnny's Lunchonette. I suggested we try a new place in the neighborhood, B Street.

I'd been hearing about B Street for the past year and was hopeful it would live up to the hype.

Inside, the restaurant is decorated in the romantic hues of red, white and black. The dining room feels very warm and welcoming.

At the back of the dining room is the bar which has about eight seats.

We were seated at the table closest to the bar and as soon as we got settled I noticed a piece of art work at the bar that was just too cute!

Have you ever seen a female version of Snoopy? The bartender told me people comment on this print daily and that they either love it or think it's the stupidest thing they have ever seen. I'm in the love camp, clearly.

The B Street menu had great offerings for wine and beer, as well as starters and entrees. We were very excited to place our order.

We started with a bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, which is one of my favorites.

Our waiter brought us a basket of delicious, doughy bread served with a silver pot of bright green olive oil.

To start, we ordered the truffle potato pizza. In my opinion, there wasn't enough cheese on the pizza. For some reason I felt like I wanted tomato sauce on there too. You couldn't really taste the truffle and to add insult to injury, there were pits in the olives! I almost cracked a tooth!

For her entree, my dinner date ordered the short rib. She said, "The meat was a little rare and chewy. The potatoes were good, but better once they went swimming in the sauce. The grilled asparagus was the highlight of this dish. All together, I don't think I'd order this again."

I decided on the Caesar salad with a poached egg. I am really into poached eggs lately. This salad was the perfect ratio of lettuce to cheese to dressing. I was extremely happy with my choice.

To share, we added a side of mac and cheese. It just sounded so good on that blustery evening, we had to have it.

B Street's rendition was great and very cheesy. You can't go wrong with cavatappi pasta as your base.

We were in a gluttonous mood, so after dinner we decided to take a look at the dessert offerings. We each selected one item since I always want chocolate and she always wants fruit.

My friend picked the pineapple upside down cake. She said the flavor profile was great, especially when you had a bite of pineapple, coconut and macadamia nut all at once. She did confess, "I wish it had been warm!"

The cake came with a side of vanilla ice cream.

I went with the mocha icebox cake which is one of the most magnificent desserts I have ever had delivered to me.

In between each layer of cake there is chocolate mousse and in addition, our waiter told us the pastry chef brushes each layer of cake with espresso!

I literally could not get over the vertical presentation of this cake. I thought I would tip it over the second my fork made contact with the cake, but it stayed upright the entire time. Probably because it was grounded in a base of gooey fudge.

The cake had an intoxicating flavor that was equal parts chocolate and coffee. The richness of the cake was cut by the crunch of the chocolate covered espresso beans.

I only made it half way through the cake and our waiter was kind enough to box it up for me to take home. I ate it again the next night and it was just as good.

Our evening at B Street was fabulous. The restaurant is lovely, our waiter was attentive and made great menu recommendations, the food was yummy and that mocha cake was out of this world. Having spent the last 28 years eating in Newton Centre, it's nice to have a new place to look forward to visiting.

Have you checked out B Street?

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