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As I have been saying for the last few months, the best of part of moving to Watertown has been getting to know my new neighborhood and exploring new restaurants. A few weeks ago I drove a new route to 95 and along the way I spotted a place called Moozy's on Trapelo Road in Belmont. I made a note in my iPhone to check it out.

On Thursday night I went with a friend to see what Moozy's was all about. We parked the car (free parking in Belmont!) and Moozy's illuminated windows beckoned us.

From the very happy sign above the door, I had a feeling we were in for something good.

The Moozy's windows are covered in brightly colored signs showcasing their classic soda shop treats.

Inside there is a row of cafe tables along the front windows that look out onto the outdoor patio.

There is also a counter which had a very 50s diner vibe. I love the orange and green color palette. It's so cheery.

There is one row of booths and when we arrived every booth was packed except for one and we snagged it.

We hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we took a gander at the Moozy's food menu which includes salads, soups, sandwiches and paninis.

In the bottom right hand corner of the menu is a section that reads, "Create your own grilled cheese." Jackpot!

My friend decided to do exactly that and ordered a custom grilled cheese on multigrain bread with mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers.

After a few bites she said, "This doesn't taste like grilled cheese. The mozzarella never really melted. I should have gone with something that melts better, like Swiss." Also, when she went to open her bag of Cape Cod chips there was a huge slit in the bag. Gross!

She also ordered a cup of the garden vegetable soup which came piping hot. I could see the heat rising off of it for easily 10 minutes. She said the soup was very good and perfect for that chilly night.

I ordered one of the specialty paninis called the Chenery. It was mozzarella cheese, eggplant, mushrooms and roasted peppers.

The sandwich turned out to be very heavy on the eggplant. I wound up picking a few pieces out of the sandwich. I also wished it had something on the bread like pesto or an aioli. My sandwich also came with a bag of Cape Cod chips and mine were completely stale. Moozy's was 0-2 on the chips.

While we were eating I noticed the napkin holder on our table which had a very adore question on it, "How can I make yoo smile today?"

Unimpressed by the sandwiches and chips, we walked around to the other side of the counter to check out the ice cream. Now this is an ice cream menu! Look at all those choices!

There were flavors like caramel chocolate pretzel, chocolate peanut butter cookie dough, coconut cheesecake brownie and something called monster mash which is vanilla ice cream, caramel, Oreos, M&Ms and malted milk balls.

Moozy's also has a special drink right now - hot chocolate floats! Yes, please.

In addition to all the ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and sherbet flavors, Moozy's also has a wide variety of toppings from fresh fruit to candy to nuts.

While we were perusing the ice cream menu the manager came over to introduce herself. From her we learned that this space used to be Brigham's! We also learned that the owner is the coach of the Belmont High School hockey team. 
I was having a tough time deciding what to have, but one of the servers was kind enough to let me sample a few first. I tried the Kahlua fudge frozen yogurt which had a strong coffee taste and then the espresso soft serve yogurt which was lighter on the caffeine. The server said, "The Kahlua flavor is like our version of Starbucks coffee and the espresso is like the Dunkin Donuts." Perfectly explained!
In the end I wound up choosing the black raspberry chocolate chip frozen yogurt. It was so creamy that it tasted like real ice cream. 

Though I ordered a small, the portion size was huge. This flavor was so good! I would absolutely order a pint and bring it home so I could enjoy it any time.

Though the sandwiches at Moozy's were a let down, the ice cream and frozen yogurt was outstanding. They have an outdoor patio which I fully intend to enjoy once the weather gets warm again.

Most importantly, the staff at Moozy's were so welcoming, kind and friendly. I can't wait to go back and try more flavors.

Visit Moozy's at 2 Trapelo Road in Belmont.

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