Grey's Anatomy: The Interns

This week's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" focused on the new crop of interns. I have to say, I really hated the slow motion they kept weaving in. I get that it was supposed to show how "in the zone" the interns get, but it didn't work.

This week Cristina had two interns who she nicknamed "Perky" and "Grumpy." They were working to get heart transplants for two newborn babies. It turns out, the single parents of the babies fell for each other while spending all day, every day in the NICU. In a terrible turn of events, the first available heart went to a different baby, dividing the new found lovebirds. In the end, the distressed parents found their way back to each other, but the interns found themselves at each other's throats.

Their other patient developed a strange condition where she could only stay conscious while upside down. That story line felt like an episode of "House."

Dr. Wilson, a.ka. "Princess," was with Karev all day. She had to handle the birth of a baby to a fifteen year old girl. She totally panicked without Karev and the nurse had to walk her through it. When the teenager decides to abandon her baby, Wilson freaks out. This leads to a conversation with Karev where she admits she was left at the fire station when she was two weeks old. She spent her life in foster care and lived out of her car in high school.

Dr. Brooks is with Meredith and winds up spending the day calling Derek's sisters about donating a nerve instead of scrubbing in. At the close of the episode Derek's sister Lizzie shows up who is being played by Neve Campbell. When I was in high school I used to watch "Party of Five" religiously. I thought Neve Campbell was so cool. After all, she lived in the garage attic with her super hot boyfriend.

While interning with Meredith for the day Dr. Brooks also learns about the pregnancy. I am waiting for her to accidentally spill the beans.

Dr. Ross winds up on "lumps and bumps" with Dr. Kepner. Their extractions had me very squeamish. Kepner teaches Ross about bedside manner, which ultimately wins him a spot on Derek's surgery.

In previews for next week we see it's Ben and Bailey's wedding day. Apparently Bailey has cold feet. We see her in the limo saying "turn this thing around" and we see the bridesmaids sitting alone in the bridal suite, no sign of Bailey. Uh oh.

We also see Meredith and Derek have their first ultra sound. Meredith confesses that she feels like hse is going to have a miscarriage.

Lastly, Cristina seems to be asking Owen for a divorce. I want them to get back together! Just got stand on the vent again!

Now that we spent a full hour learning about them, which of the new interns if your favorite?

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