Gossip Girl: Paper Trail

I can't believe that tonight's episode is the fourth to last of the series. I am in complete denial that in the very near future Chuck Bass and I will not have our weekly rendezvous. I also find it hard to believe that there are only three episodes left because after all of tonight's plot twists I have no idea how the writers are going to untangle this mess.

Let's start with the Bass controversy. Chuck is desperately seeking the papers that prove Bart's illegal business dealings. On to his scent, Bart comes to The Empire and tears Chuck's apartment to shreds. Ivy, the keeper of the papers confronts both Bass men and demands they help her take down Lily. Whoever can humiliate her first gets the papers.

Bart comes to the table offering to divorce Lily and even strips down to take suggestive photos with Ivy. Chuck busts into the room just in time to stop them. As it turns out, Ivy doesn't even have the papers anymore.

The papers are now in the hands of Rufus, who has recently been burned by Ivy. This hour we discover Ivy is having an affair with Mr. Van der Woodsen (Billy Baldwin). I did not see that coming! Neither did Rufus when he caught them kissing on the street.

In some weird way, Rufus feels empowered to get back at Ivy by bringing the papers to Lily. In the final moments of the episode Chuck arrives at Lily's house to confront her about the papers. He attempts to convince her that Bart is still the same scoundrel. Not only does she not buy it, she throws the evidence into the fireplace. Nooooooooooooo!

We'll come back to Chuck in a minute. Tonight Blair debuted her new fashion line "B for Waldorf Designs" at a pop up store in Barney's. I love the name and  I love the poster for the line even more! Especially the "XO." To ensure the line is purchased, Blair gets Sage to call a meeting of the private school queen bee families. Too funny.

After a wonderfully successful night, Blair goes to The Empire to find Chuck. He is drinking at the bar and his eyes have that signature Chuck vacancy when he feels defeated and shut down. He says, "We can't be together. I did not fulfill my side of the pact. Just go." Ok, we only have three episodes left and I need them to get back together once and for all. Don't disappoint me, writers!

Tonight Dan and Serena started the episode in bed together. Serena suggests that they should mend fences with everyone they have wronged. She says, "If you do this, I'll reward you with brunch and a movie on me." What girl gets her way by offering this type of a plan to a guy? I'd like to live in that alternate universe.

In a very poetic speech, Dan tells Serena "You've always been the one." Just as I was about to over dose on saccharine, Dan gets a call from Georgina. He quickly whispers into the phone, "I'm writing a Serena chapter." What? Is all of this lovey dovey nonsense with Serena for his book? I feel disgusted by the thought of that.

On an unrelated note, Serena and Blair have been fighting and making up every episode this season. I can't stand it. Just choose - are you friends or are you done?

In previews for next week, it's the Thanksgiving episode. Why are they airing this two weeks past Thanksgiving? Poor planning. A Christmas episode would make more sense. 

Only three episodes left to go! I may need to be admittedly to a Chuck Bass withdrawal program. 
*Images courtesy of CWTV.


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