90210: Viral

Pole dancing. Glamping. Ryan Lochte. Naked photos on the internet. Tonight's episode of "90210" was by far the zaniest yet.

The episode opens with Silver discovering that her pre-baby, nude photo shoot is up for the world to see on the photographer's website. Silver gets recognized by strangers in a bar and it earns the ladies a free bottle of champagne.

Silver confronts the photographer and demands she take the photos down. The culprit answers, "Once something this popular hits the web, it's hard to make it disappear." How popular? 20,000 hits.

Liam's new video game co-star is desperately trying to make her presence known online. She stages multiple paparazzi shots - sunbathing topless, rescuing Liam from the woods - all to create buzz for their next project. Meanwhile, Liam is trying to legitimize himself by taking a business class. His young, beautiful, hard ass professor is having none of it. I'm calling it right now, he's hooking up with her.

Speaking of hook ups, Adriana kisses Taylor (Vegas guy) again. Taylor is working on some tracks with Dixon and agrees to help Adrianna prep for her next performance. He prescribes pole dancing. Dear CW, there are no guys watching this show. Cut the pole dancing.

Lastly, Naomi and Max head out camping for the weekend. While there they run into Ryan Lochte. Naomi shouts, "You're Ryan Lochte! You're standing in front of me shimmering like a gold medal." Poorly written line and poorly inserted celeb cameo. What was the point of that?

During the camping trip Max wants Naomi to do a ropes course with him. She freaks out and later on he presses her to do a trust fall. What is this, summer camp? Max eventually confronts Naomi about the kiss with Alec.

In the final scene Naomi feels crossed by Alec and has her scheming face back on. Watch out, buddy.

In previews for next week Carmen Electra and Nelly Furtado make appearances. There is more pole dancing and apparently Liam has a sex tape. This show is getting more outrageous by the moment.

*Image courtesy of CWTV.com.


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